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Feb 11, 2014 12:12 PM

Anywhere worth stopping Orlando to Jupiter?

My husband and I will be visiting the West Palm Beach area for the first time this weekend. We're staying in Jupiter. On Sunday, we'll be driving to Orlando to visit family in the morning, then driving back late afternoon/early evening. We were thinking of stopping at one of the beach towns along the way (Melbourne/Cocoa/Vero), but I'd love a restaurant recommendation from people who know where to go. Definitely something with outdoor seating/good view (I know it's touristy, but we're coming from Philly, where it's been INSANE with the snow). Any ideas? Price is variable, but nothing too posh, in fact some excellent tacos would fit the bill too. We also love great beers. Thanks!!

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  1. I like the view of the Indian River from the outdoor deck of River Rocks. I think the food is among the best casual menu in the area. (I really enjoy their fried shrimp; crisp and not all greasy.) It's on Rt. 1, right at the Rockledge-Melbourne border.