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Feb 11, 2014 10:05 AM

Crock pot questions: where to get browning crock pot? where to get a larger than 6qt crock pot? [moved from Home Cooking board]

Mods-please move this if i shouldn't have posted it here, thanks

hey slow cooker/crock pot peeps: question

our DD brought up wanting a big crock pot-I think hers is a 5qt. hubby and walked through JCPenneys over the weekend and the biggest I saw was 6qt.
Michael Symon cooked something on the Chew using a crock pot that browned too in same crock.
so where so you get a browning crock pot and where do you get a larger than 6qt Crocker? TIA

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  1. I don't know if they're bigger, but I've seen the kind that you can brown on the stove in the insert at Sur La Table & Williams Sonoma.

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      tnx dirty

      I could be wrong but seem to remember MS browning in same unit then switching setting-but I could be all wet about that


        All Clad 7-quart at WS. Very spendy. You can get a 7-quart slow cooker for a quarter of that price- the catch being you have to wash one pot.

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          hummm, "vetty eentah-restingk"-guy what movie was that from :-/

          no doubt the one MS used was from a pricy place - wouldn't surprise me-
          was just hoping to get her one that had the dual advantage

          1. re: iL Divo

            "Very interesting, but it was also stupid!"

            Does DD cook for many people? Big family?
            6&7 quarts can put out a whole lot of food.
            I have a 6-quart and right now, it's holding enough ribollita to feed an army!
            I really don't think there's a whole lot of value in a $250 slow cooker. So, you have to clean up one pot that you use to brown and saute. No biggie, in the big scheme of things.
            I would rather choose the right pan from my collection to do the prep job I want, then transfer to the slow cooker.
            After that, you want a slow cooker that does LOW really well.
            Many go from 0-100mph and don't look back, and you have a slow cooker that boils away all day.
            I think it's most important to look at temperature trueness, that is, can this slow cooker really cook SLOW?
            Also, the cast aluminum insert has got to be heavy as is, let alone filled with food and liquid.
            I have this one:

            The LOW setting really cooks on low-barely a simmer, never a boil. The lid hooks on for transport and the size is just right. I don't mind doing smaller jobs in it, and it can hold enough for a crowd.
            The larger you get, the more you have to think about storage. If you only need that extra quart of slow cooker once in a blue moon, it's best to get the size that fits MOST of your volume needs.

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              she does mona-she hosts parties, showers,celebrations very often . I've been there to aid her many a time and always bring my 5qt crock + usually a pressure cooker or 2 from home. so yea she would do nicely with a larger CP.

        2. Cuisinart made one that was 7qt and had a removable insert that could be used on the stove. I don't see that on Amazon, but breville and others make 6.5 and 7 qt ones that have stove-safe inserts, according to Amazon.