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Feb 11, 2014 11:02 AM

What happened to Casablanca in Bay Ridge?

I stopped by the Moroccan restaurant, Casablanca, in Bay Ridge over the weekend and it was closed, with a sign that says the restaurant is for sale. Tried calling, but couldn't get in touch with anyone. Feeling really bummed - their tagines were wonderful. Does anyone know why/when the restaurant is closing, and whether it might reopen somewhere else?

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  1. Walked past on Sunday; still closed. A handwritten sign inside says a new business called Rabat Fast Food is "coming soon."

    1. wisiall, Casablanca is open again, we dined there last night. They did a renovation and now have ten additional seats, so the pillowed sofa is gone.

      Nicer, Jose and especially Sue are still there. Prices have increased though.