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Feb 11, 2014 10:37 AM

Wine to go with sweet-ish risotto and mustard-y chicken?

The first course will be risotto with porcini and butternut squash, finished with balsamic caramel (Paul Gayler in his book Flavors). It has no cheese in it. The balsamic caramel is caramelized sugar and balsamic vinegar, drizzled over the risotto. Perhaps a wine for this could also be used for sipping before dinner? Or maybe not.

The main course will be chicken thighs with a mustard crust and crispy breadcrumbs served over braised leeks (Suzanne Goin in Sunday Suppers at Lucques). There's dry vermouth in the chicken recipe and dry white wine in the leeks. I don't know that that necessarily means white wine, though, or does it? I'm not good at wine pairing. I'm more focused on food.

It could be either a wine to work with both or two wines. Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. I make that chicken dish regularly, and there are a bundle of great choices that go with it. Creamy chardonnay is my favorite. Either Burgundy or a Burgundian -style one from Cali. (Suzanne also likes both.)

    I'd like a sparkling with that risotto... dare I be specific??? Iron Horse Wedding Cuvee.

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    1. re: ChefJune

      Thanks for the recommendations; it's helpful that you're familiar with the dish. I feel like I already know what it tastes like because I've made the pork loin several times and it's similar.

      I love sparkling wines. A sparkling wine might be especially nice because I could also use it for sipping before dinner.

    2. Interesting, here's a recent thread on a salmon w/ mustard sauce:

      The risotto / porcini / squash has me wanting chardonnay until I get to the balsamic caramel drizzle... then I'm leaning to riesling, Since you want to find a wine and food match, I'd keep the drizzle on the light side.

      And I could do chardonnay or riesling for the chicken.

      So, if I had to pick one wine here, it would be riesling... to add a second I'd still choose chardonnay, and just have a glass of each throughout the meal to sip and compare and contrast the pairings with both dishes.

      Please report back.

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      1. re: TombstoneShadow

        I think you've made a very important point about going easy with the drizzle. Will do. I'm intrigued by the recipe but I'm mainly choosing it because one of my guests can't have dairy products.

        So far, that's a vote for riesling or sparkling for the risotto.

        The chicken seems a lot easier; there are currently two votes for chardonnay.

        I will report back. Dinner isn't till Thursday.

      2. I would serve a nicely chilled Oregon Pinot Gris. Both for sipping before and with dinner.