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Feb 11, 2014 10:29 AM

Picked up some Goldin's Smoked Meat about a week ago

I had been missing Goldin's smoked meat and not had any since Alex emailed that was available only at "Free Times Cafe" in August of 2011. That location was not convenient for me, so last time I had picked up some meat was in July 2011. I had been missing it, so went to his website and saw that it was no longer being sold at Free Times. He responded and said he had just made a batch, and I could pick it up on Saturday. (Feb 1). At that time, he still had a small amount available for sale. It is $12/lb. If you are interested, you can send him an email and check if he still has any left. I only thought about mentioning it here when I cooked it this morning.

Here is the website:

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