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Where can I buy natural raw natto in Ontario?

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      Thank you for the quick reply...and of course info

    2. Not sure what you mean by natural, but you can get it at T&T Supermarkets or Heisei Mart in J-Town. I would safely assume that many other Oriental supermarkets also carry it.

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      1. I salute you for wanting to eat natto. I am Japanese by background and also love inhaling lots of different rotting, fermenting products. But natto...

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          I remember seeing Anthony Bourdain try to eat this for breakfast while he was filming a show in Japan..Very funny.

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            Hahaha! I love natto too, much to the surprise of a Japanese friend. Not sure why I love it so much but eating it with rice and lots of soy sauce and hot mustard helps enhance the flavour-;)

          2. Galleria has it as well if I recall.
            Do you intend to try it with a raw egg yolk? I saw some of Japanese friends do it from the store bought eggs and I thought they are so brave. I indulged as well and somehow didn't mind it.

            1. My brother's ex-wife is from Tokyo, her grandmother would call her the 'Natto Queen' 'cuz she loved eating the stuff. My brother couldn't finish the tiny serving. I scoffed... At the Ranch 99 outside Edmonds and Lynnwood, WA, I purchased 2 tiny servings from the freezer section. Came with a tiny plastic spoon, mustard and soy sauce. Yes, I managed to finish one, the only thing motivating me was to eat more than my big brother. The second serving was for my father-in-law who is really big on homemade kombucha, kefir,...and he tasted it and said 'that's interesting....' I guess with any food product, I'd need to consume it before it starts to rot. Maybe it's not so far off of the 'kraut that I've made and jared.

              1. Taro Fish house on Sheppard @ Bayview has frozen Natto. I remember seeing that Anthony Bourdain episode, and it made me want to try the stuff. Zen serves it in a few different rolls. Its got an interesting flavour, reminds me of durian fruit.