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Feb 11, 2014 09:08 AM

What to do with leftover cheese?

Hey everyone,

I'm generally pretty good at putting leftover food to good use, but I'm always throwing away blocks of cheese that've been sitting in the fridge too long. Any suggestions for using up blocks of cheese? I'd prefer low-carb ideas if possible. (Trying to stay away from large quantities of noodles/bread/potatoes)

Right now I have a block of cheddar and monterey jack in the fridge...I'm thinking of maybe doing a frittata or something? Broccoli cheddar frittata sounds good.

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  1. Crustless quiche is nice, as is a vegetable gratin( we especially like celeriac and spinach combo.

    1. Cheddar makes good frico crisps - it will exude a lot of grease, but eventually crisp up well. You can break these into chips or shape them (while hot) into bowls or taco shells. I love Monterey Jack melted - I use it in omelets, crustless quiche, cheese dip/fondue, etc. You can also shred it into meatloaf, low-carb casseroles or stuffings for things like stuffed mushrooms, peppers or what have you - it helps bind without carbs.

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        Frico is one of my low carb snack staples! I love them dipped in sour cream and franks red hot.

      2. Cheese freezes well. You can grate it & then freeze it also.

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          Is it better to freeze shredded or as a block? Was wondering if frozen shredded cheese affected the melting quality (say while melting cheeses in a roux). I normally use the cheeses for baked or stovetop pastas.

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            Shred then freeze. I haven't noticed any change in melting qualities.

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              small pieces of cheese dry out faster than larger pieces of cheese so I suggest freezing the entire piece of cheese and shred when ready to use.

            2. re: JoeBabbitt

              Agreed. I buy a big chunk at Costco, freeze half, and Mr Autumn knows where to search in the freezer when the fridge stash runs out for his daily lunch sandwich. Wrap well and LABLE. Cause cheese is good, just not always interchangeable (I don't like cheddar in my mac and cheese when I thought I had gouda)

            3. Broccoli and cauliflower like to be steamed and then covered with a cheesy sauce.