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Feb 11, 2014 08:27 AM

One fancy dinner in London

Hi, my husband and I have one night for an anniversary dinner in London -- thinking of Hibiscus or Hedone -- thoughts? Other contenders? We'll be having other casual meals for which I've found a lot of great information on the board. Thank you!

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  1. Hibiscus is great but watch out ordering fish if you're texture concerned. They tend to use sous vide for fish (well, from my experience and from friends) and the textures went to be 'interesting'. Service is flawless, room is comfortable, and unpretentious.

    1. For the fancy dinner, I'd look into Shiori for kaiseki.

      1. I'd check out the Ledbury in Notting Hill - I prefer the atmosphere to Hibiscus (slightly less stuffy) and more central than Hedone

        1. I also would go for the Ledbury. Although all the places mentioned are good it is my personal fav.

          I have not been in a couple of years but the eponymous Ramsay restaurant is getting some good feedback at the moment and I am keen to try it again.

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            When is your trip? I have a trip planned to London late next month and will be dining at all three mentioned (The Ledbury, Hedone and Hibiscus) so if that's before your trip I could provide some recent, direct comparisons.

            However, having already had two meals at The Ledbury, I'd be shocked if you went there and didn't have a lovely evening.