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Feb 11, 2014 08:15 AM

Cubes to Flavor Ramen Broth

After visiting Japan a few year ago I got on a real ramen kick, and I discovered I could buy cubes of flavoring for ramen soup in the Boston area (like bouillon cubes, but there were many different varieties). I can't remember exactly what stores I was shopping at (Super 88? Reliable Market?) but I used to buy loads of them and noodles, add some vegetables, and have an entirely delicious, quick, warm meal. Now, for the life of me, I can't seem to find those same flavoring cubes anywhere. Since winter is apparently never going to end, I'd like to share this little bit of personal ramen-history with my SO.

Any help? Thanks so much!

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  1. Why don't you take him to Sapporo instead?

    I can't remember seeing separate flavoring packets - but can't you just hit H-mart or Ebisuya and buy the fresh noodles in whatever flavor you desire, and then use the package inside there?

    1. what about the flavor packets used for hot pot? I have a chinese co-worker who's parents used to own a Chinatown restaurant (where China King is now....Rainbow House I think it was?) and they have hot-pot for thanksgiving, as her folks have the equipment for it, and she tells me they use flavor packets to season the broth...can't imagine it being too far off from what your looking for

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        Where did they purchase their flavor packets?

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          I just asked her and she says she uses the Lee Kum Kee brand that you can get at any chinese grocery store, she says it's nice and spicy. She uses 3 packets for a hot pot, so you may have to adjust how many used for the size of soup your making

      2. here's a link to the product, she says she gets it at about a buck per packet

        1. Haven't seen the cubes but my favorite at home quick ramen fix is Sun Noodle that you can get at H-Mart and probably others. In the refrigerated area, they have fresh noodles with three or four different flavors that I've seen including a good one for cold ramen.