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Feb 11, 2014 07:37 AM

Gallo's Hearty Burgundy marks its 50th Anniversary!

(It's better than you think/remember.)

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  1. It was far-and-away the leading wine used in "Beef Bourgionne" in the early days. everyone cubed the meat and let it sit in the wine overnight. I can see the bottle standing on kitchen shelves all over Boston, New York and New Orleans

    1. Also a big hit in Pittsburgh. Five years later, Mom and Dad were excited about visiting California and trying all the jug wines that never made it out of state.

      Expectations were exceeded. Until we spent 3 weeks in San Francisco and numerous bottles at dinner. After leaving my sister and I at the motel for the weekend, they took off for Napa. It took a trip to Europe 5 years later for them to start drinking wine again.

      1. This is what my MIL served every Sunday with her Italian meal, it was as good as it got back then.

        1. I remember a friend of my mom's bringing it to Mothers Day dinner when I was making scampi.....

          It was a loooooong time ago, and that's the last time I ever agreed to let someone else bring "the wine" for any of my dinners.

          1. I don't drink it but I've tried a lot of different wines in coq au vin and in boeuf bourguignon and this holds up to hours of cooking better than anything else.

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              I'm not sure what you mean by that. It's very well known that most restaurants (in US at least) cook with the cheapest wines they can get -- definitely NOT something they would drink. I've seen beaucoup-de walkins with multiple boxes of Franzia plonk. They all cook down the same.