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Feb 11, 2014 07:28 AM

Anywhere worth stopping Orlando to Jupiter?

My husband and I will be visiting the West Palm Beach area for the first time this weekend. We're staying in Jupiter. On Sunday, we'll be driving to Orlando to visit family in the morning, then driving back late afternoon/early evening. We were thinking of stopping at one of the beach towns along the way (Melbourne/Cocoa/Vero), but I'd love a restaurant recommendation from people who know where to go. Definitely something with outdoor seating/good view (I know it's touristy, but we're coming from Philly, where it's been INSANE with the snow). Any ideas? Price is variable, but nothing too posh, in fact some excellent tacos would fit the bill too. We also love great beers. Thanks!!

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  1. Try the Florida board. This board covers Palm Beaches to Miami.

    1. I do know there are some waterfront places, seafood shacks and the like, around Merritt Island, but no idea which are good or not. So do check that other board.

      BTW if you love great craft beer, try to make it to Redlight Redlight in Orlando even if just for one. Craft beer heaven.

      1. You will want to eat at The Ravenous Pig in Winter Park which is located right next to Orlando. Some think it's a BBQ restaurant by its name. But it's a gastro pub that is nothing less than spectacular. A varied menu that ranges from South Carolina-style shrimp n grits to short ribs to many different offerings. They also feature a wide list of small batch beer from local brewers. Google this restaurant for more information.

        We've dined there four or five times and with great success. Suggest a reservation.

        Ft. Pierce, FL

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          I love the Pig too, EMac. I now actively seek reasons to visit Orlando / WP just so I can dine there! I have their cookbook. I've made their bacon.

          Just one problem...

          1) OP said: "On Sunday, we'll be driving to Orlando to visit family in the morning, then driving back late afternoon/early evening."

          2) TRP closed Sundays.

          As an alternative, they could visit James and Julie's other nearby spot, Cask and Larder, which is a bit more casual but also very good. Plus they brew some very very good beer right on site.

          "BRUNCH Sunday - Dining Room 10:30 am- 3:00 pm"