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May 12, 2006 10:04 AM

Park City, UT Recommendations

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I am interested in hearing about the best food in the Park City, UT area. Please recommend:

Best Expensive Dining

Best Casual Dining

Best Breakfast

Best Mexican

I have been going to PC for years and have yet to find a good Mexican Restaurant. What do you recommend?

My favorites are:
Expensive - Easy Street (temporarily closed), Chimayo & Butchers.
Casual - O'Schucks (best burgers in town) & Wasatch Brew Pub.

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  1. i think it'll be a while before Park City gets its own mexican dive that salt lake seems to be exploding with. but El CHubasco is a nice lower priced option. they're not on Main Street, which is another bonus. Not super great, but better than other places.

    for expensive, i would consider Mustang. I'm not quite sure if this place is fusion or what but they do everything well. the duck confit chile relleno is really good.

    for casual dining, i would check out places in Kimball Junction. Especially the Redstone Mall. Red Rock Brewery is there And there is also a Israeli/Lebanese eatery there that has great falafel. the next time you're here, you'll have a Squatters Brewpub to look forward to (it's the best brewpub in SLC, I think...ecclectic food, great beer).

    Windy Ridge Bakery has good brunch, if a little overpriced. But hten again, in Park City, what isn't. I don't know if they do it seven days a week. But hte bakery is open, at the back, so at the very least, you can do a pastry coffee thing. I can't think of anything else...

    1. We were just in Park City at the end of March and I don't think we ever had a bad meal. Since we were there to ski, we had decided not to rent a car. Also since the condo we stayed in was at the base of Main St., all our dining was done there.

      I'll definitely second Mustang as the best fine dining. We also had an excellent meal at Zoom. Yes, I know it's a tourist trap, but it was still very good and it's much more low key than I thought it would be. We had also wanted to try Bistro 412 because we had heard so many good things about it, but just didn't have the time. Sorry we missed Blind Dog as well.

      For casual, Wasatch Brew Pub is pretty good, but if we had a car I'm sure we would've tried something else. Thankfully we were there early before the crowds moved in.

      As far as Mexican, La Casita got 4 thumbs up from our group. Everything is obviously homemade including the tortillas. I was under the impression that Chimayo is more high end Southwest, whereas La Casita is the Mom and Pop variety of Mexican.

      Even though you didn't ask, I still have to mention the incredible sushi we had at Kampai.


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        1. I wouldn`t go to La Casita. We had a horrible experience. The food was definitley not authentic mexican and I just don`t trust a mexican place that makes their margaritas from a mix.

          1. From someone who has lived in PC for 18 years:

            Best expensive dining: Glitretind at Stein Eriksen Lodge
            Best casual dining: Zoom
            Best breakfast: The Eating Establishment
            Best Mexican: depending on how I feel - El Chubasco and Loco Lizard

            I do have to say that Squatters Roadhouse is another good place for breakfast and lunch. Dinner is a little noisy for my tastes. It's been open for a few months now.
            Zoom is open again after being closed for a few months while the heavy construction behind them was going on. Same atmosphere, but when I was in there last week with a friend, I was suprised at the number of families in there. It used to be more "adult".
            El Chubasco is where the local Latino population hangs out for meals. Loco Lizard has good moles and seafood entrees, not just the usual taco/enchilada/burrito stuff.
            The Glitretind is where we go for special occasions and when clients are in town. Always have to save plenty of room for one of Pastry Chef Raymond's awsome desserts!