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Feb 10, 2014 12:11 PM

Valentine's Day?

Having recently been to the LA Board (I will be heading down there on Valentine's Day), I agree that this board is not that busy. Some, but not all, or that can be attributed to population difference between LA and PDX.

When I first started cruising around this site a few years back, I also felt it was a pretty slow board but I think that is improving slowly with time. I have tried some of the other sites from time to time, but just seem to prefer CH.

Now, want to trade Valentine's Day ideas in PDX for VD ideas in LA??? ;-)

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  1. Well, I've got lots of suggestions for LA but, unfortunately, nothing truly Valentine's Day specific. (I'll usually cook at home for the Valentine's Day meal.)

    But, if I'm pressed to make a suggestion that could be suitable, and that you could reasonable get into on Feb 14, and you are open to trying some very good Shanghainese food at a place with an over-the-top, 1920's Shanghai bordello decor (and amazingly inexpensive prices), try Shanghai No. 1 Seafood Village. Their sheng jian bao are wonderful, which you'll enjoy sitting in your crushed velvet chair with plastic crystal buttons under a chandelier. And just wait until you see the menu, which is a coffee table book-like tome with black and white biographies of Chinese actresses and history of Old Shanghai.

    As a bonus, Valentine's Day is not nearly as big thing for the Chinese community so you probably won't need to worry about any crowds other than what their usual clientele is. Do a search on the LA board for suggestions.

    And when you're done, you can crank of the sensuality by going to one of 3,000 different Chinese foot massage places that line Valley Blvd. $15 for 1 full hour (tip them up to $20) and the "foot massage" actually includes back, head and shoulders, face and leg massage too. Amazing. You may have to share your massage time while your masseuse takes a cell phone call, but for $20 it's best to just chalk it up to a cultural experience and enjoy your time.

    Your turn!

    Mr Taster

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      (I'll usually cook at home for the Valentine's Day meal.)

      + 1

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          It's also so much to transition to, ahem, after-dinner activities if eating at home.

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        Thanks for this. It actually sounds great!. Like you, we typically stay in for VD, but we planned this trip to LA for about 5 days because our anniversary is next week and our travel day happens to be on VD.

        We actually get in on Friday around 5:30 to LAX and we didn't want a "special" VD menu/event, so we intentionally didn't make reservations. Plus with traffic and check-in into our hotel in SM, we had no idea when to even make a reservation.

        So the top ideas until now were 1. a romantic dinner at LAX and 2. dinner at a taco truck.

        So thanks for an alternative idea!

        My PDX suggestions are posted back on the PDX board...

        1. re: cobpdx

          So, you're planning on flying into LAX on Friday evening, renting a car, and driving to SGV to the Shanghai place? You do realize that the place is east of downtown? All I can say is, don't plan on getting there much before 8 pm or so....traffic going east on a Friday night is NOTORIOUSLY dreadful. And especially so on holidays where everyone feels they MUST go out. Best of luck! Hope I'm wrong.

          1. re: Dirtywextraolives

            I agree. In N' Out Burger is right out side LAX to hold you.

            1. re: wienermobile

              If they have In n Outs in Portland, I would skip that and head to Humble Potato. Much more interesting food.

            2. re: Dirtywextraolives

              Thanks, but we would probably not do that on Friday night. But it does sound like a fun experience, so maybe on another day.

        2. This post seems random because it was moved here by CH...

          1. For an L.A. idea, I'd like to suggest skipping chocolate for Valentines Day, and going for music instead.

            The chocolate industry is well documented and known for
            its enslavement of young (11 year old) boys.
            That is how the chocolate gets to you!

            create a new SoCal tradition! If LA Chowhounds do it, others will follow.
            Exchange and give MUSIC instead of chocolate.

            What or where is PDX?

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