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Feb 10, 2014 08:22 PM

Great Cafe in Tribeca- Shinola/Smile Newsstand Cafe

I rarely walk down the block of Franklin St between Greenwich and Hudson. I did the other day and noticed a "new" Cafe. It isn't exactly new , its many months old but I never saw it before. The sign says both Shinola ( a company that makes American goods , from watches that look like Panarai, to bicycles) they are based in Detroit. The cafe in front called Smile has interesting avant garde magazines and newspapers and very good coffee. There house coffee is a robust full flavor coffee. They do latte and espresso and cappuccino too. The pastries are the best in the area. Not the Ceci Cela or Tom Cat mediocre stuff. The financier I had was especially good, I also had a banana muffin that was delicious. Billy's has good muffins but lousy coffee. Laughing man lacks in the pastry dept. The store in the back is fun to check out very interesting American made items.
It's a good find.

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