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Feb 10, 2014 06:18 PM

Can I freeze a gruyere cheese sauce?


I just made a gruyere cheese sauce that's goes inside little puff pastry cigars. The recipe called for way too much sauce. I have clearly half of what I've made left over. In a month I will be making the same dish. Can this sauce be frozen? It is butter, milk, flour and cheese, no egg.

Thanks in advance

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  1. My guess is that there will be a textural difference if you freeze the sauce (may become a bit grainy), and, upon thawing, it may exude liquid that will need to be dried off with a paper towel. That said, since it is going inside a puff pastry roll, it may not matter all that much. Can you hold the sauce in the fridge a couple of days while you experiment with freezing a bit of it to make a test run?

    1. agree freezing will affect the texture.

      it's like a cheesy roux -- make mac and cheese, some kind of gratin, lasagne, potato soup, etc.

      1. It will keep for a few days. You could use it in soup. I have a great recipe from Long Nights and Log Fires for a pureed cauliflower and gruyere soup. It is so cold here I may make that tonight.

        The cauliflower is cooked until fork tender, drain it, put it in a soup pot with some chicken or veg broth and puree it. I then add cream and gruyere. Lovely with toasted croutons.

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          I make something very similar. I actually cook the cauli in the chx broth and then puree the whole thing. I put it back in the pot, add the cheese and a bit of cream to smooth it out.

          If I have leftover ham, I chop it into small cubes and add when I add the cream. It gives it a bit of smoky flavor.

          I might do this tomorrow night. Yes, it's VERY cold and I'm tired of it!! Ugh.