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May 11, 2006 04:43 PM

PHX/Scottsdale - Mother's Day Lunch on Saturday

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Schedule will not permit time with mom on Sunday - so want to take her for a nice lunch on Saturday followed by a little shopping.

Last "ladies" lunch was at Bloom and was enjoyed - need some rec's for similar type dining. Pretty open in terms of area Chandler, Gilbert, (North)Scottsdale, Arcadia etc...



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  1. j
    JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

    The penultimate "ladies who lunch" place in town is Arcadia Farms in downtown Scottsdale. Sandwiches, salads, very very pretty setting, Mom will be pleased.

    Link: http://thecosmicjester.blogspot.com

    1. If you want lunch and shopping, try something at Kierland. Zinc Bistro and North would make good choices.

      Cafe Ted at Pima/Pinnacle Peak is good and has a very fun atmosphere as well.


      Link: http://www.kierlandcommons.com

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        I was thinking Zinc too. I love Zinc Bistro, their tuna sandwich is delish.

        Or, Elements at the Sanctuary is great for lunch with a lovely view. T. Cooks has really nice lunch options for a very good price.