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Feb 10, 2014 05:17 PM

Marché Akhavan (restaurant area)

So I finally had a chance to try that Iranian place or is it Persian ; )

I was warned to beware of the SS lady behind the counter. I was with 3 coworkers and we waited a bit before being served, not because it was rush hour, only 1 customer ahead, but literally because we were just ignored for a good 10 minutes.

I had plenty of time to read the menu and decide on a meat sandwich for 5$ and a bowl of rice called loubie if my memory is correct. My companions were ahead of me and got the royal treatment from the lady that I shall now call the Sandwich SS Nazy. I was laughing in the back and being near the grocery cash register the girl working the cash was looking at me wondering what was going on.

When my turn came I wanted to ask for a medium crab bisk but didn't want to risk being denied any food. lol

My friends were traumatized. Wondering how the eff you supposed to know what they have if you never been there before. The lady behind the counter was just not a pleasant person to deal with. She didn't give a rat ass and you had better known what you wanted because she was very impatient with the questions.

My sandwich was made of a huge pita bread ( a good 12") that was very good and spicy and my rice was very tasty.

I hope their other location in Pierrefonds is as good because I will stop again for a cheap lunch. Do they have a Sandwich lady as fun there ?spectacle.

NDG Store :
6170 Sherbrooke W.
Montreal, Qc
H4B 1L8
Phone : (514) 485-4887
Fax : (514) 485-7009

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  1. what is an SS lady? were you arrested and put into a concentration camp?

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    1. re: frogsteak

      I suggest Maj54 refers to the Nazi Soup man that was a character on Seinfeld. The Nazi Sandwich lady.

      1. re: frogsteak

        food related clip from tv show Seinfeld

        Elaine: I'm really scared lol

        It was pretty similar at Akhavan with a notch nastier lol lol

      2. That must be pretty bad; not simply a Nazi Sandwich Lady, but a Schutzstaffel (SS) Nazi Sandwich Lady, apparently a step up on the evil scale!

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        1. re: porker

          Yes, that is pretty much the gold standard of Evil.

          The She-Wolf of Sandwich Ladies!

        2. Hello, would you happen to know if they sell caviar by any chance?

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          1. re: HoundChow2

            I did not see caviar at Akhavan, although I didn't look for it specifically.

            FWIT, I saw various brands of tinned caviar at Bucharest Charcuterie (Decarie boulevard just south of Snowdon) last time I was there (maybe last year).
            I have no idea on quality, price, etc etc.

            1. re: porker

              They have caviar at Poisonnerie du Marche, at Atwater Market. Not sure what types, but you can always call and ask them.

              1. re: cherylmtl

                Hi Cheryl, I was there before Christmas and no caviar.. They did have that bright orange lumpfish roe, that stuff tastes nothing like caviar unfortunately..

                1. re: HoundChow2

                  They must have run out. They usually have a few kinds at different price points.

            2. re: HoundChow2

              Akhavan imports Iranian caviar and is a dependable source of uncut/non mafiaized caviar.Ask for Ari the owner.They have their stock in a locked fridge behind the nuts counter.

            3. The original comment has been removed