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best flavour macaron you have tried and where?

I've tried a few but they seem to be so sweet. What is your favourite flavour and why? For a newbie what would you reccomend? I always get overwhelmed when I got to the pastry shops.

I've tried salted caramel and that seemed to be my favourite so far. Not too sweet but with just the right amount of salt.

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  1. There's a great French bakery near me (north of NYC) that makes terrific macarons. I really loved their raspberry (has a little tartness), and their cassis (black currant). Pistachio is great too - definitely not overwhelmingly sweet.

    Time to pick up more macarons! Thanks for the reminder! :)

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      Where north of NYC?

      Financier in Grand Central has a coffee one that's incredible.

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        in Westchester County - in Mt. Kisco. A place called La Tulipe. They even have pates de fruits! (another guilty pleasure!)

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        Raspberry sounds delicious. I love fruity/tart flavours. I will be sure to check it out next time I'm in new york

      3. I am incapable of choosing only one....! These are in nyc:
        Laudree- pistachio
        Macaron Parlour- hazelnut
        Bouchon bakery- chocolate (the filling is a dark ganache that is not overly sweet)

        I find some of the fruit flavors have overly sweet fruit jam fillings, so i stick with nut flavors or chocolate/vanilla most of the time

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          I love anything hazelnut flavoured. Yes i've also noticed jam fillings to be on the sweet side. I will be sure to check macaron parlour

        2. Definitely a huge fan of salted caramel from Sucre in New Orleans.

          1. I love pistachio from just about anywhere.

            1. Pistachio, rose and chestnut are my favorite flavors at Laduree. The Sriracha peanut butter macarons at Macaron Parlour in New York are an interesting non-traditional flavor that actually works well in small bites.

              1. Passion fruit is my favorite flavor in general from The maison du macaron in Manhattan.

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                  I've never seen passion fruit in toronto. Sounds delightful. Now I cant wait to find it. I will be on the hunt for it.

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                    I was never a big fan of citrus fruits until I've tasted passion fruit...now i am a big fan of passion fruit filled chocolate, passion fruit macarons especially are delightful!

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                      You're still not a fan of citrus. Passion fruit is not citrus.

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                      Ruelo Patisserie, two locations, have the chocolate passion fruit in Toronto. One of my favourites.

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                      Bobette and Belle do passion fruit/white chocolate macarons. They're fine, but I haven't been tempted back for another, even though passion fruit is a favourite of mine.

                    4. My favourite macaron was an apricot one. Small patisserie in Bastille area of Paris ,can't remember the name.Quite rich and fruity but enough sharpness so it wasn't overwhelming.

                      1. Pierre Hermé's rose ("Infiniment Rose") macaron is my ideal. Rose seems to capture the essence of what a macaron is all about - lightness and delicacy - and Pierre Hermé is the master of the art. And in fact, all though I've been to the shop on Rue Bonaparte many times, in fact all his shops are unfailingly consistent; wonderful every time. A must-try.

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                          Thanks, i'll be sure to check it out

                        2. Great choice, salted caramel is my favourite too, in general, although I also had some ranging from ho-hum to spectacularly bad.

                          To me, salted caramel has all the notes of bitter and salty, on top of the sweet. I have a very low tolerance for sweetness and this seems to be the best option.

                          On the other hand, I think all maracons are meant to be had with a strong cup of coffee (or espresso), to offset the sweetness.

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                            Yes I agree every macaron should have some sort of coffee/tea to offset the sweetness.