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Valentines Dinner

Moved to LA about a week ago. I'm looking for a nice place to take a young woman (who's actually a culinary student) on Valentines Day. I live in the Eagle Rock area and I have a medium size budget (max $75). I'm quickly learning the Los Angeles area so I'm willing to travel. She has class on friday so I'm looking for it to be a good dinner. Please and Thank you.

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  1. Any particular type of food or things to avoid?

    Does the place have to feel romantic?

    I fear that most good places are already booked solid. There was a guy who posted earlier today offering his reservation for two at Son of a Gun at 6:30. That might be worth looking into.

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      For her, everything's a go lol. For me, I don't eat pork.

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        Too bad SoaG would be way over $75 for two =/

      2. Just so happens that Barnyard in Venice has a V-Day dinner for $150.


        I've never been there - so I can't vouch for anything.

        1. $75 total, or per person?

          Here's a link summarizing the offerings in LA for Valentine's Day - Maximillian's (sp?) in Highland Park has a multi course for $55 per.


          When we were dating, my husband and I would often go out for Valentine's Day. Now that we're an old married couple ; ) we like to go out, pick up something really fun to cook or eat - this year it may be live dungeness crab - and then cook or reheat and celebrate at home. Very festive and a lot more relaxed.

          Good luck on your search!

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            I'd say $75 total. If it's $75 per, I don't mind, she's worth it.

          2. Tasty Garden in Alhambra on Valley Blvd, and then walk down the street a couple of storefronts to Salju for dessert.

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              Ipsedixit has a great idea - don't go to the "normal" places to celebrate. They will be packed and overwhelmed.

              Go to someplace not French, Italian or "American" - and have fun. For $75 a lot of joy, tastiness and adventure can be had!

              Hey, maybe I should ditch my crab plans and head to Colonia Taco Bar...-


            2. This isn't a food related comment, but I'll just say that in an age when the young people I know say 'dating is dead' you seem to be a guy who knows how to treat a young lady and hope you both have the BEST time!

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                Thank you. I hope she enjoys wherever I choose.

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                  I don't think that phrase means what you think it means.

                2. $75 on Valentine's Day means ethnic.

                  Lots of good Latin American in that area.

                  1. Take it from an old married lady : pick up some nice takeout as early as you can. Pizzeria Mozza would be a good choice. Then take her on a picnic in Griffith Park, or somewhere near where you live in Eagle Rock.....bring some wine or champagne, depending on how you really feel about her ;). Or just clean up your apartment a bit and light candles, buy some flowers for your table (or her) and heat up and plate the food and enjoy it at home. She will be duly impressed, trust me. V-day is a rip off at restaurants, they will rush you and limit the menu choices and make you pay though the nose.... Good luck!

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                      Can I recommend this three times? 30? : )

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                        I knew there would be a few of us romantics who would appreciate this suggestion.....!

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                          Having a guy clean his place, get nice food and show he cares - it's huge.

                          And in a way, far more intimate than a meal out...

                          Just saying.

                          Hey, I'm an old married lady too - so I can say - it worked! : )

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                            Yup. It definitely works...... We are suckers for stuff like that, more so than spending $$$$ at a crowded, loud trendy place, where they rush you and get the orders wrong, and you get brutal service....so not worth the $. Take my advice, boys, this is the way to your lady's heart....

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                                Wait, he just moved here a week ago. His place is probably a mess..it takes 6 mos to unpack! He probably wants to explore. Start in Eagle Rock and try Casa Bianca, cafe Beaujolais or the Oinkster. Then go back to your new place. And just have a nice little place carved out.

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                          I wish I had read this before I planned a whole night out! :D

                          Will make use of this advice for the future !

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                            Aw, I would have told you earlier!! That's okay, I'm sure your SO will appreciate any effort you make..... You learn after a few years that the whole restaurant thing is really geared toward those young lovers who will go to great lengths.... I used to be one of those, and my husband even proposed to me at L'Orangerie on Valentines Day, many moons ago....I can't even imagine how long he had that reservation for. Sadly, those restaurants with the room to move between tables and the non fixed menu & Prix fixe prices are going the way of the buggy whip....

                        3. If you can get in, Bos in Little Tokyo has V-Day dinners for $75.

                          1. Create your own taste of LA Dinner at the Original Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax. Stroll from stand to stand, taste by taste. You will have a great time and be way under budget. Don't miss Littlejohn's Candies and Short Cake.

                            1. If you're in Eagle Rock, try a couple of neighborhood joints, like Cafe Beaujolais on Colorado--real French waiters with affordable, pretty decent French food, or Columbo's steaks and lasagna, or Maximilian's in Highland Park, or even Mia Sushi on Eagle Rock Blvd. They should all be around the budget you proposed.

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                                Maximillan's may just be doing a set 5 course menu that night.

                              2. Check this link to find your choice of restaurants around your area... You did not say the specifics so here - http://www.urbanspoon.com/npr/5/416/1...

                                1. Where does she have class and when do you get off of work? Javan (Persian in West LA) is doing a set meal ($75 for 2 people) + live music (I think). Good luck getting there from Eagle Rock on Fri, though.

                                  Don't know if The Park (in Echo Park) is doing anything for Valentine's, but I doubt they're doing it for $75 for two.

                                  Just to support what Dirty said, stay in next yr! My partner and I refuse to go anywhere that's not in walking distance on Valentine's Day after one yr where we were both stuck in THE WORST TRAFFIC EVER (which apparently is typical on that day) and having to pay an arm and a leg for food that was only average at best. =(

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                                      Hmmm.... A little beyond the OP's budget, but maybe he can stretch it? Menu looks quite good.

                                      To the OP, I only went once to The Park a few yrs ago for NYE. Ambiance is pretty plain (esp for something like Valentine's Day), but food was really, REALLY good. Might be worth looking into...

                                  1. Have to be silly and share this link from Thrillist.

                                    Click then scroll down to the pic and you'll see a "menu" that summarizes our complaints and concerns about eating out that night -