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Feb 10, 2014 02:19 PM

Birthday in Covent Garden

I've got a big birthday day for my boyfriend planned next month. We are going to a matinee so I was planning a lunch/brunch and an early dinner - pre many cocktails no doubt.

I was initially thinking Jackson and Rye for lunch but reviews are underwhelming so considering Kopapa. Any other suggestions most welcome.

For dinner I'm thinking Opera Tavern or Arbutus (could get in for their pre-theatre menu) - again any suggestions would be welcome.

I'm plannign Earlham Street Clubhouse then BYOC for the evening...

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  1. I actually quite enjoyed Jackson and Rye, more for the atmosphere than the food admittedly. Kopapa is good but I see it as more of a brunch place for some reason.

    My standard 'go-to' for pre matinee theatre is J Sheekey Oyster Bar - nice relaxed atmosphere, good food and feels a little special for a birthday type occasion.

    Other good options for a fun buzzy lunch could be barrafina, bocca di lupo, quo vadis. In soho you're pretty spoilt really...if you let us know what kind of food you'd prefer I could be more specific.

    Dinner - I really like Opera Tavern, probably more than Arbutus. Again - so many options around there - I would repeat my rec for Barrafina - one of my favourites for a fun up beat start to an evening

    1. Try the Blind Pig cocktail bar above the Social Eating House on 58 Poland St - great cocktails and feels a bit special and secret. The Experimental Cocktail Club in Chinatown is also fun, but can now be packed at random times.

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