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Feb 10, 2014 01:17 PM

Recommendations for take-out on Valentine's Day?

I've been gone from these boards a long time, and have come back to ask for recommendations for decent but not exorbitant dinners I could get for Valentine's Day. We aren't going to bother with a sitter and the rest of the nonsense, but having a nice dinner at home while we catch up on Justified sounds pretty danged romantic to me.

Last year I got a bunch of random stuff from Whole Foods, concluding with a delicious cheese plate for dessert. That's my fall back if nothing else occurs to you. So, ideas for places I can get take-out from on V-Day, food that'll hold up reasonably well while the kids get put to bed, and a bill that won't break the bank (say under $75 or so). Anything?

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  1. I found a wonderful beef tenderloin, some brussels sprouts and baby potatoes at Trader Joes. Quick and easy, but not "take out". Best part is easy clean up.

    We usually go for the fondue (one wine with garlic and peppercorns/bay leaf/garlic and one the classic cheese and just buy a loaf of bread and a nice steak to cut up. Something about the sharing makes it romantic to me...

    ...sure beats going to the crush that will be a Friday Vday.

    Central Market always has a take out full menu, but they're really not very good. Again, the problem with any "take out" is they're already crushed with the couples and yours will be made well in advance.

    1. If you live central, the Favor app ( ) is pretty awesome for this sort of thing. They will get any central restaurant's food to go for you. We've done Elizabeth St Cafe, Athenian Grill, and other restaurants. Of course on V-Day it could be slammed.

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        is the app only for central locales, or does it work anywhere a runner is willing to go? we in the hinterlands of NW austin are curious...

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          I'm pretty sure they are central only though you can download it and if you are out of delivery area it will tell you

      2. This will be more expensive but Flemings makes a good steak and it's easy to reheat in a pan quickly. You can't really get two steaks there for $50.00 though.

        1. I like the fondue idea! (Not big on steak, but those are great ideas, too.) Thanks!

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            Chicken or pork (or seafood for that matter) works well, too. I still use the same cooking method:

            bottle of white wine
            10 or so peppercorns
            two bay leaves
            lots of smooshed garlic rubbed in the pot
            (sometimes some red pepper flakes)

            cheese one is:

            1Tbs cornstarch
            small bottle of champagne (you use about half)
            lemon juice
            lots of smooshed garlic rubbed in the pot