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Feb 10, 2014 01:15 PM

How to cut feta cheese in cubes

I am trying to prepare watermelon, olives and feta cheese skewers but I cannot get the feta cheese to hold.
The only few times I managed to cut good cubes of feta, they completely crumble when trying to put them on the skewer.
I thought about buying the already cubed feta, but I am wondering if they would hold when assembled.
I would really appreciate any tips and or brands of feta that could work for this.
Thanks a lot!

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  1. Feta is one of those cheeses that is going to crumble even if you buy the cubes, it will still crumble on a skewer.

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    1. re: Cherylptw

      I agree with you, but there are so many recipes for this type of salad that I am thinking there should be a way to do it :-(

      1. re: chiarlau

        I'm thinking the only way (and I might be wrong so don't hold me to this) is to purchase bulk feta through a food supplier; it usually come in a 5 - 10 pound bucket in large blocks submerged in salted water. You can cut these into whatever size you want and it seems this type of feta is packed more solidly so it holds it's shape better when cut. Athenos is the brand of Greek feta I've worked with from food service delivery company.

        If you can find a cheese shop, you may be able to get a smaller quantity of a good quality cheese that can be cut without crumbling.

    2. Stuff the olives with the feta and then skewer them.

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        This is a great tip! I will need to find big olives though.

        1. I create a V cut in the watermelon chunk and then slip the feta cube inside and then skewer them. The watermelon holds up and "protects" the feta cube from splitting.

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            Now that's thinking outside the box

          2. Use ricotta salata instead. Somewhat similar to Feta, but holds together much better when cubed.

            1. You also might consider substituting halloumi for the's not quite feta, but to me, is quite tasty raw.

              An easy solution is to just toss the watermelon feta and olives in a salad, never minding the skewers.

              Or you can put little cubes of olive, watermelon and feta in endive leaves.