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Feb 10, 2014 09:49 AM

Dinner near Seaport on Saturday 2/15

Anyone have any recommendations of places for dinner around 8 PM on 2/15? Right now I'm looking at Meritage at 9 PM (kinda late but it's workable), or Rowes Wharf Sea Grille at 8 PM. I'd like it to within walking distance of Umbria, we are going near there afterwards. If Umbria itself is good for dinner than I might just do that as well. Anything other than Italian would be fine. I was going by this list:

And while we are at it, how about places for lunch or brunch on Sunday 2/16? Can be any location, we'll be driving or taking the T.

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  1. Just a heads up. The Boston Wine Expo is this weekend at the seaport hotel.

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    1. re: libertywharf

      Haha, already got tickets for it :D going to be a fun weekend

    2. I would suggest Row 34 on Congress but you had better make a res soon

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      1. re: RoyRon

        Row 34

        I had dinner there with friends on Thursday and it was fabulous!!

        Not a "working mans oyster bar" by any stretch of reality, but absolutely will be back.

        They were slammed at 5:30 so reservations a must.

        1. re: RoyRon

          Yea that was my first choice but they are full until 9 when i first looked, now they are full until 1030

          1. re: GloryField

            I believe it. It was totally slammed at 5:20 when I arrived

        2. take a total pass on the sea grille. it's simply an amenity for guests.

          1. We had a solid dinner at Legal Harborside a few weeks ago. We wouldn't normally go there but we met people in town for the skating championships. The room is very nice, the service was very good - managers came over to make sure a food allergy was addressed - and the food was good. Not inspiring food but good.

            1. Sam's is great for Sunday brunch

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                1. re: lergnom

                  me too, but to be honest, on wine expo weekend, i'd get away from the seaport. that weekend has become an unholy drunkfest.