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Dinner near Seaport on Saturday 2/15

Anyone have any recommendations of places for dinner around 8 PM on 2/15? Right now I'm looking at Meritage at 9 PM (kinda late but it's workable), or Rowes Wharf Sea Grille at 8 PM. I'd like it to within walking distance of Umbria, we are going near there afterwards. If Umbria itself is good for dinner than I might just do that as well. Anything other than Italian would be fine. I was going by this list:


And while we are at it, how about places for lunch or brunch on Sunday 2/16? Can be any location, we'll be driving or taking the T.

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  1. Just a heads up. The Boston Wine Expo is this weekend at the seaport hotel.

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      Haha, already got tickets for it :D going to be a fun weekend

    2. I would suggest Row 34 on Congress but you had better make a res soon

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        Row 34

        I had dinner there with friends on Thursday and it was fabulous!!

        Not a "working mans oyster bar" by any stretch of reality, but absolutely will be back.

        They were slammed at 5:30 so reservations a must.

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          Yea that was my first choice but they are full until 9 when i first looked, now they are full until 1030

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            I believe it. It was totally slammed at 5:20 when I arrived

        2. take a total pass on the sea grille. it's simply an amenity for guests.

          1. We had a solid dinner at Legal Harborside a few weeks ago. We wouldn't normally go there but we met people in town for the skating championships. The room is very nice, the service was very good - managers came over to make sure a food allergy was addressed - and the food was good. Not inspiring food but good.

            1. Sam's is great for Sunday brunch

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                  me too, but to be honest, on wine expo weekend, i'd get away from the seaport. that weekend has become an unholy drunkfest.

              1. Not going to make a suggestion other than what others have mentioned, make a reservation. Friday is Valentine's Day and I would think some people would go out to dinner on Saturday night instead so it might be crazy busy in some of these restaurants.

                1. you are a shortish walk from chinatown and the north end.

                  1. For Sunday Brunch The Langham Hotel is a good choice. Also, Lance Houston and his jazz band is a regular at the Seaport hotel's Tamo Bar. If there don't pass by.

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                        I see he is at the Fairmount Battery Friday night. This is off commercial street in the north end. I'll update you later.
                        Ok, Saturday night he's right next door at the Capiz Lounge in the renaissance Mariott.

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                        For years, we've enjoyed the buffet brunch at the Langham. We usually get a large group together and enjoy good food where we can take our time and catch up with each other.

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                          Yes, the langham is a great place to get together with friends. I've never been rushed and have easily spent over two hours enjoying the fine food.

                      3. Thanks for the suggestions guys.
                        Right now the plan is:
                        Friday dinner at Menton.

                        Saturday brunch at Tamo followed by the wine expo, which is right there.
                        Saturday dinner at either Meritage or Legal Seafood.

                        Sunday brunch at Flour Bakery or at Sam's.

                        I wish Row 34 was available between 7 and 9 PM. Meritage at 9 PM is already pushing it.

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                          You could probably arrive at 7, have a beer or two from their awesome selection and eventually elbow your way close enough to try the Row 34 oysters by 9, which are worth fighting for.

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                            Maybe you can control yourself better than most but you're probably going to be pretty sloshed after the wine expo. It's an absolute shitshow after the first hour or two.

                            At that point you may not want to wait 4-5 hours to eat.