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Feb 10, 2014 09:27 AM

Dim Sum

In Atlanta this weekend and wanting good dim sum Saturday. I don't have decent access at home and am looking for your best choices. Willing to drive for it. Thank you!

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    1. +1 on canton house---Gu's bistro has a good one only on Sundays,but you nee a res to get in --all the Chinese head there on Sundays

      1. Definitely not Canton House...they don't even speak Cantonese! Service is awful, and they only need to pass by your table with carts at a bare minimum and they can't even do that. I recommend Oriental Pearl or Golden House.

        1. heres a lik to urbanspoon on canton house

          Ive been to orientaland cantonand to me they are about the same.I likeCanton personally---they get an 86% postive score andi knowfor sure my server couldnt speak engilsh, although not sure why thats a good thing

          1. Thanks to all! A successful weekend!

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