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Feb 10, 2014 08:44 AM

Breakfast/lunch spots in Milford, MA area

Hello all! I am starting a new job in Milford tomorrow (after working in Boston for 15 years) & it just occurred to me that I have no idea what's available for breakfast or lunch (that isn't McD's, etc.) as I am not from the area. Couldn't find anything recent on the boards so hoping you all can help! What are you favorite local places?

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  1. For breakfast, Bronx Bagels on Rt16 in the stop and shop plaza has some of the best bagels around. If you like mexican food, the Alamo on Rt109 has some great lunch specials that are definitely worth checking out.

    1. Italian sandwiches at Oliva's at rt 16 and 85. Gene's sandwiches on Water St. and Exchange St. market. All take out.

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        Gene's sandwiches are great! My favorite is the caprese sandwich, delicious! I really love that store in general. One of the few places where I can always find capelletti. I'm not in the area often anymore, but when I am there, I stop by, grab a sandwich and stock up.

      2. I was in the area today so I stopped in Gene's and had a garlicky, spicy porketta sub. Almost as good as my porketta. A real bargain at 4.99.