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Feb 10, 2014 08:38 AM


I am to be discharged from hospital in a couple of days after a three month stay and intend to return to cooking for myself. However, because of the chronic fatigue caused by three weeks of intensive radiation, I`m sure there will be evenings when I would just love for somebody to turn up with a tasty evening meal.

So, for instance, if I had a yearning for steak frites, with a suitable sauce, would one of our better restaurants send such a meal over or is takeout limited to pizzas, Chinese etc.

Oddly enough,I`ve never used takeout before so am not entirely clear how the system works. Do they take credit cards. Do you tip the deliverer.

I live downtown if Bay and davenport is considered downtown

Thanks in advance for any suggestions..

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  1. I hope you have a speedy recovery.

    A lot of places will do takeout even if not advertised. Like, I think even McEwan's restaurants do. It is worth while calling if you have favourite spots. However, delivery is a different story.

    I know there are various services that do delivery from places that don't traditionally deliver so it might be worth while to check some of those out like

    There are also services like Hurrier which will deliver a lot of different things including food:

    Actually, while googling I just found a recent BlogTo article that might be really useful for you!

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      Avoid like plague. Chronically and consistency horrible. They'll do stuff like deliver your meal 3 hours after you order (2 hours late) and offer you measly $5 credit.

    2. A full and speedy recovery!
      There is a web site called "Just-eat". This is a place to start but you may find nothing that suits you. I guess that your best better a normal meal from the usual places for take out is a Thai place, but there great variations in the cooking among the various places. And you have to like Thai cooking.
      I suggest that you find a restaurant that you like and make an arrangement with them. I think that they will be more than happy to accommodate.

      Steak is a gamble even if you are in the restaurant and I doubt that either the steak or the frites will stand up to the delivery process. Lamb shank with mash is a better bet.

      1. Agree with VV.
        Stews and braises will travel well..steaks,burgers etc not so much. Since you're in their neighborhood, I wonder if Le Paradis would do take away/delivery?

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          Le Paradis does indeed do take out, but no delivery. They are also quite close to where the OP is and update their menu online daily.

        2. Just to help with some of your process questions -- most places will take a credit card number, either over the phone or via their online ordering interface. Whether they will add the tip for the delivery driver to your order varies -- some places will ask you if you want to add one, some places will not accept driver tips on the card, and some places will let you add the tip on the receipt when the driver gets to you. I usually keep a few small bills on hand if I'm expecting an order so that I'm covered either way.

          Just-Eat in my area offers a pretty large variety, from spanish to sushi and lots of other things. They allow you to add the tip for the driver directly to your order, which is nice. The quality varies considerably since they're just providing a platform for any restaurant that signs up, and the quality ratings on Just-eat itself are, in my opinion, totally unreliable.

          Most midscale and even very nice restaurants will do a takeout order, but they won't usually deliver. You can arrange to have a taxi bring the food, but that can be pricey.

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          1. re: Jacquilynne

            I would imagine that the various sushi places in the neighbourhood where you live will deliver right to your door. As long as you avoid freshly fried dishes, I would think most of the hot entrees, as well as sushi/sashimi, will hold up well.

            If you're feeling up to it, it might broaden your options if you can call in your order then pick it up yourself (on foot, in a cab or your own vehicle). I know the weather is discouragingly crappy right now, but there are reasonable options within a few blocks of Bay and Davenport.

          2. Tabule on Yonge delivers, and their delivery is cheaper than Just-Eat's delivery charge. Coffee Mill To-Go is a take-out option relatively close to Bay and Davenport (they don't deliver, but they have a take-out counter set behind the main restaurant).

            I'd think Globe Earth would also do take-out, if you want steak frites. Might also check with Rosedale Diner. Pusateri's has lots of good options for take-out, including warm sandwiches made to order. All the Best Fine Foods, Olliffe, Harvest Wagon (nice looking salads), Pisces Gourmet, Petit Thuet and Patachou also prepare nice foods for take-out. Might also check with L'Unita and Bua Thai near Av and Dav.

            I tip the delivery person betweeen 10 and 14 percent of the bill, not including the delivery charge, and tip better during bad weather.