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Feb 10, 2014 08:19 AM

Pre-grated parsnips?

Possibly a strange request, but:
I am trying to persuade a dear one to allow me to cook for Valentine's Day rather than venture into the hordes, and one of my most spectacular dishes involves grated parsnips.

Does anyone know if pre-grated parsnips are available anywhere? My food processor is in storage, and I lost half a pound of flesh the last time I tried to grate them by hand.

Many thanks for any ideas!

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  1. I just have to ask... WHAT are you doing that you are grating your hand so badly? Just take your time, grate slowly, make sure your grater is sharp (a dull grater will cause a lot of problems) and when you get down to an uncomfortable stub of parsnip, stop grating! Refrigerate and use the stubs for soup or a mixed roasted root vegetables.

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      Wrapping your hand with a dishtowel secured with a rubberband would be a low-tech way of protecting it..... Or perhaps grating the parsnips could be your "dear one" 's way of contributing to the meal....?

    2. Eataly used to offer a vegetable prep service. Not sure if they still do and if grating would be included, but you could ask.

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        I think they still do offer it and I am sure if they do they would grate the parsnips for the OP. Just seems like a lot of running around and cost for something so simple to do. But I guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses in the kitchen; god knows I have equal amounts of both!

      2. Have you checked:
        Trader Joe's...they have shredded Brussels Sprouts
        Whole Foods
        Garden of Eden
        Manhattan Fruit Exchange
        Westside Market?

        1. Thank you all for the suggestions--I somehow have managed to miss out on Eataly so far, but the concept of a vegetable prep service may be life-changing for me.

          To answer the curiosity--I'm actually not a mess in the kitchen. I have pretty good knife skills and can usually handle a grater with finesse. But this dish....I swear. Parsnips are such a seriously woody vegetable. They catch on even my sharpest of graters unless a fair amount of pressure is applied, and add that to the inherent moisture of the vegetable, and my hands both slip and get very tired, and then there is blood and misery.

          If it were a matter of one or two or even three or four parsnips, I could take sufficient care that this wouldn't matter. But the way I make this dish requires, at minimum, 6 cups or so of grated parsnips because they lose so much moisture when sauteed. It's a Danish parsnip custard--sautee in an obscene amount of butter, and they lose about 3/4 of their volume. Add double cream, nutmeg and black pepper and bake. I once spent four hours just hand-grating the parsnips for this when I needed to make a triple batch.

          In any case, thanks again for the answers!!!