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Feb 10, 2014 06:07 AM

Where to Find Tarbais Beans around town?

I'm making a cassoulet this weekend and am looking to track down Tarbais beans. Any insight?

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  1. Christina's? Formaggio Kitchen? Rancho Gordo grows them in California.

    1. See this thread on egullet:

      "Tarbais beans are a great marketing coup by the local coop..." And this is from someone living in the region in France...

      1. People have mentioned finding them at Christina's in the past, for $14 a pound, though. I'd probably try Ma France in Lexington, but they are closed today. Might be worth a call tomorrow.

        1. Granted , not exactly what the OP requested, but the cassoulet beans from Baer's Best , which I have gotten from Russo's (underneath, over by the cheese and peppers) were VERY good, local, and fresh.

          And under 5usd a pound.

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          1. I just made a Cassoulet this past weekend, using the Tarbais-style beans available from Rancho Gordo, via mail order -- the beans are grown from seed originally from Tarbes. I was very impressed with the beans (everything I've had from Rancho Gordo is great). If you are interested in trying them, but are worried about not getting them in time, let me know -- I have a spare bag that I could loan you.

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              I also have some of the rancho gordo cassoulet beans and would be happy to loan. I'm not seeing making the pork and duck confit in my future very soon, though I wish!