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Feb 10, 2014 05:56 AM

Dinner in/near Burlington - help for a NY 'hound!


I'm driving up from NYC to take a friend out for her 50th bday. She's suggesting places like the Cheesecake Factory. Save me!

We'll have a vegetarian in our group of 4. Moderately expensive is okay, but L'Anatana seemed a bit pricey with most entrees over $30.

Doesn't have to be Burlingon - were looking for someplace convenient to folks from Lexinton and Newburyport.

Thanks, Yankees!


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  1. Burlington itself is sort of a foodie wasteland.. there's Strega Prime in Woburn, but it is pricey as well. Masa and Season 52 are good as well..

    1. There's a new tapas place in Woburn that's been getting good reviews - Pintxo Pincho. Here's the relevant thread:

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        Just in case the OP is considering...we ate at and enjoyed Pintxo Pincho this weekend but there's not much to choose from for a vegetarian. If said vegetarian has a small appetite or doesn't mind ordering multiples of the same dish s/he'll be OK but otherwise...not so much.

        That being said, we had a fine time (I fit the above criteria), will likely go back and the owners were lovely.

        1. re: VintageMolly

          We have been 3x to Pintxo Pincho, and love it. Nice small intimate atmosphere w/ lovely welcoming service. Street parking pretty easy. Lots of dishes variety. For vegetarians, iirc:
          Potato Tortilla
          Kale etc Empanaditas
          Assorted Vegetable and Seafood Croquetas
          shrimp and salmon crostini
          spicy garlic shrimp
          octopus pimenton
          seafood paella
          roasted peppers
          daily specials
          tuna and potato salad
          stuffed eggs
          galician tuna pie

          They are such a 'Yes!' kitchen, i know they would take veggie version requests as well....So they have told me.

          1. re: opinionatedchef

            Thanks Opinionatedchef. I interpreted "vegetarian" to mean "no meat, chicken or fish" which is how I hold it for myself. That takes many of the items (which I'm sure are delicious) off your list and leaves:

            Potato Tortilla
            Kale Empanaditas
            Spinach croquetas
            Roasted peppers (this is on the bread, right?)

            And possibly:

            Stuffed eggs (we did not see these on the menu so I can't guarantee these are veggie)

            Daily specials - there were no veggie ones when we went

            I have no beef (ha - see what I did there?) with this lovely restaurant. I just didn't want the OP to think there are a wealth of veggie options on the menu because IMHO there aren't. Not saying the kitchen wouldn't accommodate - I did not test that during our visit.

            1. re: owen_meany

              I had also noticed that that was a startlingly seafood-heavy list of "vegetarian" options.

              1. re: owen_meany

                oh owen, i hadn't meant you had any bad intentions. I'm the one who always warns people against assumptions, so i was not assuming that 'vegetarian' included no seafood, since they didn't say.......
                So maybe i misspoke. Do the great majority of vegetarians who eat seafood- call themselves Pescatarians?

                I get the impression that there is not much of a vegetarian movement in Europe, so that these Pinxo Pincho guys, who are from the more trad dining world, are not used to thinking about that. Are Toro and Estragon much more vegetarian friendly menus?
                And have you enjoyed them more than PP?

          2. It's in a hotel, but I have enjoyed Summer/Winter in Burlington. Not sure how much better on price it is than L'Andana but I think the food is better. It is much better than the Cheesecake Factory.


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              1. re: phonelady

                Really! When did that happen? That's too bad.

                Just looked at the replacement restaurant Chopps. No idea if the food is any good but it still has to be better than Cheesecake Factory. Right?


                  1. re: Bellachefa

                    I completely understand why they would move, but it is unfortunate as Seaport is much harder for me to get to.


            1. I think Seasons 52 will be perfect. Something for everyone in a very pleasant environment.

              1. Bedford, the town next door, has Dalya's. Nice atmosphere, always some vegetarian options, frequently a North African dish or two. The menu changes frequently, so what's online may not be exactly what they're serving when you get there.