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Feb 10, 2014 05:22 AM

leftover very runny/soupy polenta- cornbread?

hey, I made the oven baked polenta recipe from this thread and mistakenly used the full 6 cups of liquid since few people posted who wished they had added more liquid. the polenta was almost inedibly watery (I went and posted my result on that thread, of course). and even after a night in the fridge it wouldn't hold together enough to fry in patties. so what to do with it?

could i make cornbread by adding flour and an egg? something else? or just toss it?

the flavor was good, the texture was just...porridge.


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  1. I'd try simmering it more. Or put it back in the oven. Try to cook out more liquid.

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    1. re: tzurriz

      well, the meal is now done for which we wanted the polenta, and now I'm really more interested in transformation. could I actually make it into cornbread? or what about gnocchi?

      1. re: kazhound

        You can put it back on the stove with more polenta in it and continue to cook it.

        Yes, you can add it to a cornbread batter as part of the liquid...not too sure about the pasta though.

        1. re: Cherylptw

          I wonder what proportions to use for the cornbread - got any ideas? It has some butter in it but I'd probably add some more and an egg and some regular flour? Maybe I'll try these as corn muffins so I can bake a couple as tests and adjust the batter

      2. re: tzurriz

        I would do the same but also add more cornmeal.

      3. I would try making it the base for a soup -- add canned, diced tomatoes and juice, potatoes, spinach or kale, onions, garlic, beans, any vegetable you like. Thin with some chicken broth if needed.

        1. Much as I hate to waste ingredients, I'd either add peanut butter and bake it till solid, then put out to feed the birds and squirrels, or pitch it out without attempting to salvage it. Cornmeal and water - not an investment that's worth turning into a larger amount of something else you're not sure will taste good.

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            yeah, I hear you. I did put a decent amount of parmesan and butter in (the taste was great even though the texture was soupy. Anyway I'm in an experimenting mood, so I'll let you know when I get around to trying this. You're probably right but I just *have* to know for myself

          2. I would eat it like oatmeal for breakfast.
            Or instead of baking it into cornbread maybe try to make a pancake batter. I've also seen recipes where cooked polenta is used as a batter for fish and chips or corn dogs, dip and then pan fry.

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            1. re: WhatsEatingYou

              great ideas! Never would of thought of that or fritters! Hopefully I'll find the time tomorrow for some experimentation with it...

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                I tried pancake batter today but forgot that I had parmesan in there and added a touch of sugar. It was weeeeeird. But fun to try! If I had left out the sugar and had some runny eggs over them they would have been good. I've still got some polenta leftover, so I might try some other of these suggestions!


              2. mix it with an egg and a bit of flour to stiffen, coat with panko and make fritters.