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Feb 9, 2014 08:57 PM

Lard Bread/Prosciutto Bread

Anyone know if there are Italian bakeries in Boston that make lard/proscuitto bread? I picked some up the last time I was in Brooklyn and it was pretty awesome. I would love to get some closer to home.

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  1. They have Proscuitto bread at Bricco's bakery in the North End. Not sure about whether or not they use lard.

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    1. re: phatchris

      Thanks for the lead. I'll check them out.

      So far as I can tell, in New York at least, "lard bread" and "prosciutto bread" refer to the same thing. Maybe the terminology is different here.

      1. re: DovBer

        oh boy you remind me of my days in New Haven - broccoli bread, chicherone bread, spinach and sun dried tomato bread ....the Italian bakeries on Dixwell Avenue. wonder if they still do all that good stuff?

        1. re: DovBer

          It's my favorite thing that Bricco the bakery makes. It has Parmesan in it along with diced prosciutto. Definitely worth checking out!