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best french toast in toronto?

Where can I find the best french toast in toronto?

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  1. My friends who go out of their way for French Toast like the version at Bonjour Brioche.

    1. New Yorker Deli on Bay Street South of Bloor. Discussion over.

      1. United Bakers makes a nice french toast.

        Also, Le Petit Déjeuner on King makes a lovely one.

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          United bakers is actually right infront of my condo, i've never checked it out but I will be sure to go sometime this week.

        2. DT Bistro on Harbord serves a lovely, fluffly, maple-syrup-drizzled version.

          1. Cafe Fiorentina on the Danforth has a really nice version.. thick cut brioche, lots of custardy interior but nicely browned outside and served with soft whipped cream, house fruit preserves and syrup.

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              Wow just reading that made me want to drool. I've always loved thick cuts for french toast.

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                It's a pretty basic challah french toast (regular sliced, not thick cut). Nothing fancy.

                And I like it a lot. Get some latkes while there. Heaven. Have fun!

            2. Depends on your personal preference of course. Thick vs thin. Lightly coated or heavily soaked in the batter. Egg bread VS french stick VS brioche. I highly recommend The Senator and L'Ouvrier. The Swan also has delicious FT.

              Haven't tried the others listed so far.

              1. I have a lot of love for the one from Delux - with bananas, dulce de leche and whipped cream. Good coffee too. Swoon.

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                  Deluxe makes a ridiculously good french toast. So does Brooklyn Tavern, which makes a creme brule french toast.

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                    Wow that sounds mouth watering. I love creme brule. Do they have any other fun flavours there?

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                        You may wish to check out Insomnia for:

                        Citrus Spiked French Toast or

                        Heaven on Earth French toast, berries, cream cheese, honey

                  2. Barque posted this recipe but it doesn't seem to be on their menu. I noticed though that they do have a brie apple French toast.


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                      I saw that. It looks fantastic!!!!

                      1. Cafe Belong version was the tops in the places I have tried.
                        Bivy and 25 Liberty are decent as well
                        Stout Irish Pub was a surprise as well.
                        Will try out the other versions mentioned here

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                          Why is Cafe Belong's version so good?

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                            The portion is a decent size. I liked the apple compote on the side as well. Real Maple Syrup.
                            Here is a picture

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                              That does look yummy! I'm going to have to try that :)

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                                  Yeah Cafe Belong is quite good and filling.
                                  Here are the pics for the one from Bivy (oranges slices on the side)and 25 Liberty (almond topping)

                          2. Café Belong at Brickworks was quite yummy.

                            1. I thought this might interest you. BlogTo just did a list of the best places in TO for french toast.


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                                On the BlogTo list was the french toast from Pain Perdu, which I tried today after reading the description. The french toast is actually called Pain Perdu on the menu, and it's more like a bread pudding than it is traditional french toast. Instead of maple syrup, it's covered in creme anglaise and berries. Words can't describe how good it is!!

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                                  I believe the Bonjour Brioche one is more like a bread pudding too. I don't doubt they are good but I like french toast to be browned in butter for that browned butter flavour, so I appreciate it when people make the distinction. Thanks :)

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                                    It's definitely not browned in butter, but definitely something worth trying. It was really wonderful!

                              2. My new favourite french toast is the french toast from Beast. It's french toast with topped with duck confit, cranberry mostarda and whipped creme fraiche. It's made with challah, and they cook it just long enough so that it's eggy, but not undercooked. Soooo delicious!! I highly recommend it! In fact, it was so good that I was there last week and I'm going again tomorrow :)

                                Doesn't hurt that you can also get some really yummy doughnuts with your french toast, and the best bacon ever!! The bacon is nicely crisped and drizzled with maple syrup. It doesn't come with the french toast, but it's worth ordering as a side :)