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Feb 9, 2014 07:26 PM

Boneyard Bistro, has anyone been recently ?????


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  1. Assuming you wanted me to respond, I am trying to get together with Aaron this week. Have not eaten there in probably 1-2 months though.
    Will report back when I do.

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    1. re: carter

      Ok. I had a feeling you'd be one of the first responders.

    2. I have been there twice in the last few weeks. Pliny the Elder on tap! Best brisket I have had in LA other than home smoked. Good burger, ribs, greens, and tri-tip, but not great. Fried mac-and-cheese not so great, but passable. Worth it for the beer alone.

      1. Last night in fact.

        I had two glasses of a complex Zinfandel, the wedge salad with homemade blue cheese and bacon, and the 14oz Ribeye which came with onion rings, asparagus, and was topped with roasted mushrooms. Competent and friendly service at the bar...

        Bill, tax, and tip came to $100 and change.

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        1. re: orythedog


          You thoroughly enjoyed it ??????

          1. re: kevin

            This time, yes...however in the past, it has been hit or miss for me.

        2. Bring a group and have a platter. Also, come back in November for Stout month. Over 20 stouts. You can find the Ballast Point Victory at Sea Porter they had at Whole Foods. And I think the last Wed of the month is Seafood Boil night. A Dungeness Crab and Shrimp boil with an assortment of beers...a nice night. I've been eating there for years. Aaron's Thanksgiving hams make my cooking job at home easy. Nothing cheap. But good quality and variety.

          1. There are lots of places to get good beer. I'm not paying those prices for such utterly mediocre barbecue. It's on my "do not return" list.

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            1. re: farmertomato

              Disagree whole-heartedly as an avid craft beer fanatic (this is the best tap list in that part of the valley consistently, Tony's Darts would be best the valley has) and a certified lard-ass

              1. re: farmertomato

                Must disagree with your assessment of quality bbq.
                You may not know the real thing, but the owner of the BB does.
                No sugary slop is needed to make bbq good.
                But someone who has a smoker, uses it daily for his meats, does know bbq.
                And most sauces for bbq require more vinegar than sugar, just in case you are in need of a primer...
                the beer & wine selection is higher than nearly any place in the valley, regardless of cuisine.
                You can spend more money elsewhere, and while the BB is not inexpensive, your value is better here than many similarly priced places not that far away.

                1. re: carter

                  I must agree with this. In my experience brisket is the most difficult bbq, and the most rewarding when done right. Boneyard Bistro has the best I have had in LA. Their Santa Maria style tri-tip is excellent as well, although I have had better ribs. Being partial to both Zinfandel and IPAs I second carter's assessment of the excellence of the beer and wine selection. Perhaps farmertomato ate there on an off night.

                  1. re: carter

                    I'll accept your disagreement in good spirits, and I know that many on here like BB--that's why I went there in the first place. I've eaten BBQ around Texas, and in Memphis and Kansas City and the Carolinas, and can't recall any that wasn't better than what I got at Boneyard. (For the record, I haven't really found much BBQ to like in LA.) It's one of the few times that I felt really burned by reviews on this board, and I would hate for someone else to have a similar experience. Just let it be stated for the record that there's at least one hound here who finds the Bistro to be beastly.

                      1. re: ns1

                        Thanks, ns1. Things sometimes get a bit heated here, and I made a resolution to try to be less strident. Nice of you to comment.

                  2. re: farmertomato

                    Totally agreed. Unless they've made substantial changes since I was there 2 years ago, it's great beer but overpriced and below avg food. The BBQ lacked any discernible smoke to its taste. Nothing stood out about it at all.