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Feb 9, 2014 07:24 PM

5 great dinners in Santa Fe!

We've not been in Santa Fe in many years. When last there (perhaps 15+ years ago), we remember having outstanding dinners at Santacafe, Geronimo, The Compound, Coyote Cafe and some other places whose names we can't recall. For lunch we had terrific meals at Cafe Pasqual's and another place that had a patio and wonderful food and sopapillas (served on the side). There was another place that we went to for drinks after dinner (it was upstairs) where the serving crew did terrific entertaining…singing pop and Broadway hits. We had such a good time, but can't remember the name. is it still there??

We're likely going to be back in Santa Fe later this year (in the Spring). Are any of these places still there and are they still great? Where would you go for 4-5 terrific dinners in Santa Fe? Is the dining scene still great in SF, or is it past its glory days?

An honest evaluation and recommendations would be very much appreciated, especially about the places we remember from the past.

Also, where in town would you stay…convenience and comfort are important; cost, less so.

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  1. There are some great new places to try and yes, a google search will show the old ones are still around.

    Do a search on here, or scroll back a bit for recent threads.

    Restaurant Martin; 315 Restaurant and Wine Bar; Bouche; Terra; La Boca; Taberna to name a few.

    As for accommodations - the mods here don't like to venture off food. Try or

    1. I like eating, drinking and staying at the Inn of the Anasazi.

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        Thanks for this tip, topeater. In all the time I've lived in NM, it's never even occurred to me to have a meal at the Inn of the Anasazi, but their menu looks interesting (sorrel sorbet!), and the $20 lunch prix fixe looks like a great deal.

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          if you're coming before March 9th or so, a lot of hotels are having great promotions for the exhibit "Renaissance to Goya: prints and drawings from Spain" at the NM Museum of Art. Some packages have nice Spanish food themes. The one at the Palace of the Governors, includes a dinner at La Boca, a wonderful tapas restaurant in Santa Fe, and free daily sherry tastings.