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Feb 9, 2014 07:05 PM

a thumbs-up for Fountainview carrots from Lillooet, BC

until the last couple of months approx, our local supermarkets offered Earthbound Farm brand organic carrots - certainly no problem with that - always dependable

then - around Xmas 2013, both of the stores switched to Fountainview Farm out of Lillooet, BC --- 2lb and a really big juicing size (or horse barn size) bag for something in range of 25 dollars per big bag)

at first, not being familiar with this Lillooet brand, I hesitated - plus they don't have the modern marketing perfect good looks -

HOWEVER - they are fantastic - I make a lot of soups, ranging from turkey broth base to cream of .... and borscht and split pea and all kinds

it's also got an interesting background story - check out their website - a boarding school that raises carrots? Apparently.

Lots going on in Lillooet - what used to be ginseng above the fraser river - now wine grapes, carrots, alfalfa, etc.

maybe someone has more experience they can share re: the products from that Sea to Sky to Duffy / Lillooet dry side corridor.

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  1. Great Garlic from Lillooet too I bought it all summer @ the Whistler Farmer's Market for half of city prices.

    If you're in/around Whistler during the Farmer's Market season Lillooet area farmers are often found there-as you say it's a happening area that until recently has largely flown under the radar.

    1. hi SS -
      yes, it could be some sort of regional cuisine corridor, couldn't it (sea to sky - to the dry side)


      have you ever gone on that Pemberton Valley bike ride - Slow Food Cycle Sunday

      friends have a cottage up there near Mt Currie and say they enjoy this event.

      i know a little bit about the Ziedler's Texas Creek Ranch in Lillooet