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Feb 9, 2014 05:25 PM

Just Moved to Miami Shores, looking for best foodie finds in the area

My folks just moved to Miami Shores from down south and looking for the best eats in the area. Anything ethnic (especially the best chinese), hole in the wall, good delivery, etc. They love yakko san and sage deli but need more recs!! Thank You

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  1. Proper Sausage (Shores-takeout)
    Not too far - Sushi Deli, Blue Collar, Michy's.
    Ricky Thai (I haven't been but heard good things from reliable sources)
    Alaska Coffee Roasting (coffee)
    Steve's Pizza

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      Thank you! keep the recs coming
      btw they tried steves and didnt like the pizza believe it or not :/ any other pizza ideas?

      1. re: morganeats

        If they don't like Steve's then they probably would like Evio's better for New York style pizza. People tend to like one or the other. But for Italian style, D'bella isn't far and has gotten some rave reviews.

        I like Cote Gourmet for French and Proper Sausage is a local purveyor of sausages (we don't have many) - and they both are in Miami Shores' "downtown" area.

        1. re: mialebven

          I've passed Evio's but didn;t know it was a pizza place. I need ti check that out.

          1. re: mialebven

            I live very close to D'bella and we get delivery from them every once in a while but it's nothing special.

            From the Shores I would go north to King's County Pizza in NMB.