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Feb 9, 2014 05:14 PM

Homemade chicken soup

I'm sort of full of myself today. We are snowed in--can't go anywhere because ice is covering several inches of snow. So, I pulled out two frozen chicken carcasses (from two rotisserie chickens) and a package of frozen uncooked chicken wings. I wedged them into my 6 qt PC, added filtered water and started the cooking process. The frozen birds delayed the PC coming to pressure, but when it did finally, I timed the cooking for 30 minutes. I made sure to have the heat just hot enough to produce gentle pressure. And the result was lovely golden chicken broth.

I picked some chicken off the recooked carcasses, and added veggies, and made soup. Lovely soup.

I've always had probs making broth from roasted chicken carcasses, and I thought perhaps adding uncooked wings to the pot might make a better flavored broth. I was right! I bought a family pack awhile ago and froze them in packs of three to add to chicken carcasses for broth.

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  1. My next chicken stock from carcass/parts is going to be in the PC.
    I've had great luck using my slow cooker, but I'm excited to try the PC. Heaven's knows it's going to take a fraction of the time!

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      Yes it does. Best is when you start with a fresh whole chicken though. But those carcasses have a little left in them too.

    2. stock in the PC is great.

      Adding wings is always good - you can always save just the wing tips from chickens (whole, wings, whatever) for stock. No one ever eats that part anyway and that way you can have your wings and make stock from them too!

      1. The stock I manage to get from carcasses and bits and bobs of chicken usually turns out good enough to use for cooking.
        For soup, though, you're right.