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Feb 9, 2014 04:57 PM

100 Montaditos in Bethesda - Report

This restaurant has it all. A beautiful sign out front? Check. Fast service? Check. Low Prices? Check. Awful food? Check, please.

The bread looked like it was from Subway but served unbaked. I tried the meatballs, bland, Tortilla, serve ice box cold and bland. The chorizo with 'Philly' steak: I wished it was bland. The fries 'brava' are not crispy, and the sauces industrial. I should have gone to McDonalds.

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  1. With this review, I expect a short life for 100 Montaditos.

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    1. re: Mister Big

      I forgot to mention it's a chain, with locations mostly in Florida. They sprinkle some bagged potato chips over the plate. Value added! Think of it as the Spanish Arby's, with a liquor license.

    2. Thanks Steve -- All that's missing from your report is a Robert Irvine-style "blechhhh."

      1. Thanks for the heads up Steve. I live near there and was hoping something good would go in when Green Papaya closed. Let's hope this one closes fast so we can look forward to something else!!