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Feb 9, 2014 04:43 PM

ONE night in Birmingham

I'll be in Birmingham on March 27 with a somewhat snobby, very French boss. Casual is OK, but nothing that's too rough around the edges. Thoughts?

Also - we'll get the meal comp'd so price isn't much of an issue.

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  1. Highland's Bar & Grill. Frank Stitt is the owner/Exec Chef and has been nominated many times for James Beard awards. It's fine dining at it's best. He owns Bottega (fine dining italian), it's sister Bottega Cafe (more casual), and french bistro Chez FonFon.

    Highlands has a drink called "Orange Thing" that is wonderful. And they know how to make a proper martini. I highly recommend the baked grits as an app. Since 3/27 is on a Thursday, I also recommend the crab cake with beurre blanc. And they always have an outstanding selection of oysters.

      1. Highlands is a very good and iconic Birmingham restaurant, but a little stuffy and predictable in my estimation. I would recommend Hot and Hot Fish Club as a more interesting choice (James Beard Award and Iron Chef winning chef who will likely be in the restaurant). For casual simple fine dining I would suggest Little Savannah or Vittoria Macelleria.

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          All of these suggestions are good ones. I love Highlands & Hot & Hot. And if I were you, I'd call ASAP to get a reservation to any of these restaurants.

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            I live Hot & Hot, but IMHO they suffer from inconsistency . . . in food & in service. I was basing my recommendation on the criteria of "a somewhat snobby, very French boss". I've never had anything less than 5 star service and cuisine. And while it's fine dining, I always feel warm and comfortable there. There's not a bad table in the lot!

          2. I love FonFon but would avoid anything French. I doubt even FonFon would be perfect for a snobby Frenchman. I would stick with Highlands, HAH, maybe Vittoria (since your will be on an expense account), or possibly Giamarco's or Bottega (non-cafe side).