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Feb 9, 2014 04:00 PM

Best grilled fish?

A friend and I share a birthday, and always celebrate with lunch out. She's a pescatarian, and expressed an interest in good grilled fish. We would prefer someplace less casual than Blue Water, and I was thinking The Fishery, El Pescador, Fish Public, or Spike Africa's (I heard their fish was good).


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  1. El Pescador in La Jolla makes Blue Water look like fancy dining. It's a fish market with four tables or so. One would think they'll be more dining oriented when they move across the street, but you never know.

    You can't go wrong with the Fishery, IMHO.

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    1. re: RB Hound

      Thanks! It's been years since I've been to El Pescador, but she asked about it.

      1. re: phee

        They are one of my choices in fish markets when I don't make it to Catalina Offshore Products by 3.

          1. re: Fake Name

            Seriously? I was in their last Friday at 2:55, and they were locking the door. Maybe its only Friday?

            Their website doesn't reflect the longer hours, but I'd hardly be surprised if it weren't always updated.


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                  I know shilling is bad here, but I cannot laud these guys enough. I go there, look at all the fish, point out the one I think looks the best, and then ask about simple preparation of it. Without fail, I get compliments from the peanut gallery at home.

                  I've been told, though I think it could be blowing smoke up my ass, that I usually pick within their top two fish of that day. I don't do a lot well in the world, but I seem to know when fish looks good in the market, and when berries are at their peak.

        1. You might also want to consider Bay Park Fish Co., which has good grilled fish and fits your "less casual than Blue Water" description.

          1. Hake
            George's at the Cove ocean terrace
            Pony Room at Rancho Valencia resort
            Morada at RSF Inn
            Oyster Bar Fish Market Downtown
            Oscar's Mex
            Fish House Veracruz

            Wish Tommy would open up a counter for us locals...pretty please with uni on top!

            Happy Bday!

            1. MItchs in point loma, great view. Bay Park has good food also. Blue water is on the list. Fishery, Chef Paul is tops. speaking of TOPS ,, "top of the market" is by far a great place. North County "El Pescador" for sure.

              Pass on spike (IMO)

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              1. re: bluefin2na

                +1 on Mitch's Seafood in Point Loma.

                Great fish tacos, and a kick ass plate of fish & chips.