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Feb 9, 2014 03:48 PM

Where to take group of 10-12 ppl in Melbourne -- last-minute dinner reservation

My father will be arriving in Melbourne at the end of this week and just asked me to make a reservation for 10-12 people -- a mix of family, friends and possibly a business associate. Would anyone be able to suggest a place that's not too loud and might be able to accommodate a group our size?

I'm in Carlton and I'd like to be nearby or an easy tram ride away (i.e. CBD, Carlton, Fitzroy).

I'd like to stay under $100 per person if possible and I would love seafood, but do I ask for too much???

Thanks in advance for any thoughts!

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  1. Booking a seafood place is too risky - too many risks with allergies and food preferences. Better to pick somewhere with a cross section of dishes including seafood.

    Closest you'll get where you are is Esposito at Toofeys on Elgin St. Used to be exclusively seafood, now just seafood heavy

    Narrowing down based on your group size, I'd suggest the courtyard at The Commoner, upstairs at La Luna, a long table at Scopri or the big table at Hellenic Republic. Might be a difficult ask at this short notice, but try them.

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      Thanks for the suggestions! - and good point about going too far with the seafood. I'll starting calling now ...

      1. re: mr_gimlet

        Thanks for the terrific suggestions, Mr. G. I was able to book the Rabbit Trap room at the Commoner. Can't wait to try the Feed Me menu. Sounds just perfect! Thanks again!

        My only regret is that they are serving 2 desserts. I was hoping to have some room left for N2 afterward.

        1. re: overhear

          Big queues at N2 on Friday nights....

          I hope your group enjoys Commoner - it is often overlooked as a really nice, hospitable evening out. Jo, the owner, was one of the pioneers of the London gastropub movement and makes a really welcoming restaurant.

          1. re: mr_gimlet

            I wanted to send another big thank you to Mr. G for suggesting The Commoner. It was a wonderful evening. The food was superlative in every way -- of extraordinary quality, artfully conceived, and perfectly prepared. We were just delighted by each dish.

            My only minor complaint is that the dishes were slow to emerge from the kitchen, so there were often pauses of 15 minutes or longer between courses. The owner apologized and explained that they were atypically overbooked that night. And actually, since we were having a reunion of sorts, this offered us an opportunity to chat.

            Thanks for the great tip!