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Feb 9, 2014 03:18 PM

DC 'hound needs help-veg friendly biggish kid friendly LES food

Hi all-Coming to NYC next weekend and all activities are LES. Kids and spouse are vegetarian; I'm definitely not. Thai, Chinese, Mexican, pizza best bets but I'd like to feed them while having some great food myself. Kids are 10&12. Looking for breakfast spots too. All advice very appreciated!

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  1. Don't miss Dimes for breakfast

    1. Tiengarden (Asian) on Allen Street, also Pala (Pizza) on Allen Street.

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          They still have an active website:

          But since I haven't been there in at least a few months, I won't swear it's open. Definitely worth a call. I'm not vegetarian (or vegan) but I love the food at that place.

        2. If you don't mind a wait, the kids might get a kick out of the menu at Shopsin's -- just mind the "rules." No parties greater than four, everyone must order a meal. Stand in line to be seated, no names are taken down.

          Clinton St Baking Co is also very good but will have insane waits on weekends (2-3 hours).

          Takeout bagel sandwiches (with smoked salmon for you) might be easier at Russ & Daughters, but there's nowhere to eat inside. Some benches outside and a park across the street though it's probably full of snow (and ice) by now.

          For other meals, perhaps look into:
          Tiny's Sandwich Shop
          Pok Pok Pad Thai
          Meatball Shop
          Souvlaki GR
          Williamsburg Pizza's new LES location

          1. Doughnut plant (grand st location)- also great coffee, but just doughnuts.
            Next door is an amazing bialy shop, be sure to pick up a few if they're open.

            Atlas is a few blocks north and has a great breakfast, also good for lunch sandwiches

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              Kossar's is right by Doughnut Plant.

              Mon-Thu, Sun 6 am - 8 pm
              Fri 6 am - 3 pm

            2. Everyone should be able to find something great at Eataly, Mario Batalli's fantastic emporium.

              Wild Ginger on Broome St. in NoLita is great for casual veggie Asian fusion.

              Vegetarian DIm Sum House in Chinatown might work for a fun family experience.

              Also we like Chennai Garden in Grammercy Park for Indian dosas (filled crepes) and delicious naan and curries.

              The famous Katz's Deli (of Harry Met Sally fame) has dishes for meat lovers as well as some terrific vegetarian dishes (excellent knishes, cole slaw, pickles, etc.)

              For really good pizza, two suggestions: classic Patsy's in East Harlem, or a branch of Trattoria Zero Otto Nove in the Flatiron District.

              None of these places will break your bank. Hope this helps!

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              1. re: Elder Berry

                Eataly, Chennai Garden, Patsy's, and Zero Otto Nove are not near the LES.

                Eataly is a shopping emporium with multiple restaurants inside including a seafood one, vegetable one, pizza/pasta, a beer garden, etc. So I'm not sure if you're suggesting that the OP split up the family given that 3 out of the 4 family members are vegetarian. It also tends to be very crowded on weekends.