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Feb 9, 2014 03:00 PM

How not to waste food, if living alone

Also for everyone, but I just made a very nice dish with some Chinese broccoli, baby bok choy, ginger, garlic and other veg, as well as a portion of pork shank off the bone which I had braised in dark beer with more or less a mirepoix. I froze most of the shank in little snaplock containers, and it is even better once gently thawed. Problem is, with all the nutritious vegetables, I think I have enough of this for all week. I really don't want to waste food; I'm wondering if there are sites with ideas so as not too, without compromising a plant-centred (but in my case, not vegetarian) diet.

I deliberately bought the Asian greens at a grocery that sells small portions of them; the ones closest to me have them in "family-style" bags. I only used half of each package in my (very yummy and nutritious) dish.

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  1. Well, for starters, cooking small portions (or freezing leftovers) is a pretty good method.

    1. Leftovers for lunch. What I did/do now is sunday's dinner becomes Tuesday's lunch. Monday become Wednesday's, etc. I like a day's break between a meal.

      Otherwise, like if our CSA goes a bit crazy with more veg than I can handle, I either cook down or IGF veggies for later. Not perfect, but good for soups or such later

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          I should have typed IQF for individual quick frozen. My home version is to put things spread out on a cookie sheet into the deep freeze.

      1. 1) Very helpful is my small one-quart-size crockpot. It makes enough for two dinners. 2) If I set up leftovers as a dinner ready to eat and freeze it immediately, I am more likely to use it. 3) Find a neighbor who appreciates your cooking---an isolated senior, a busy young person, a person for whom cooking is problematic, and share.

        1. I blanch and freeze what I cannot use in ziploc bags - not ideal but it works and there are times I am really happy that stuff is there when I did not have time to shop

          Also getting creative with repurposing leftovers or using the remainders so you dont get bored eating the same thing over and over - dishes like enchiladas, baked pastas, fried rice and pilafs can absorb odds and ends of assorted vegetables and transform them to something new. Fritattas are the ultimate catch all great for using up bits of stuff.

          1. Ask them if you can just buy half the bag. Or half a cabbage. I get sausages repacked into smaller packs and food cut down etc all the time. I hate throwing out food too

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              Fortunately, at Jean-Talon Market nearby, I can get small cabbages. Even a small red cabbage makes a lot, braised with red onion, an apple and a leftover glass of wine!

              I always wind up giving some away to happy friends.