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Feb 9, 2014 02:34 PM

NW, out by Luke AFB

Seeing future in laws who love Denny's and believe PF Changs is height of fine dining, we want to treat to have some control over choices. Any reccs?

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  1. Take them to Black Bear Diner just South of I-10 on Dysart. It is a restaurant chain, larger portions and much better quality at reasonable prices.

    1. Raul & Teresa's Mexican on Litchfield north of I-10 by the Holiday Inn or the original one (which I prefer) on south Litchfield and M85 (just east).

      1. If Surprise isn't too far for you, Amuse Bouche is a find. It is in a strip mall, BYOB and not very large. Having said that, the cooking is the best I have found in the chain-heavy West Valley. I don't think it will intimidate your in-laws and will likely make you happy.

        1. OK, if your in-laws think PF Changs is amazing, they probably would HATE sushi. But, IMHO, one of the best restaurants in the SW valley and not far from Luke is Tomo Japanese. Whenever we take friends here they all agree it's the best sushi ever. They do have several cooked items and great lunch specials. It's in a small strip mall on the SW corner of Dysart & McDowell. In the same parking lot is Dino's Greek & Italian, also very good and probably a few more "mainstream" offerings. If they ever tried and liked Mexican, there is a great little spot called Rio Mirage Cafe y Cantina. Some strong margaritas, tasty enchiladas and good chips and salsa. It's just south of Grand Ave, near El Mirage. Babbo Italian on the SW corner of Bell and Reems has some decent Italian offerings. Good luck, I know how miserable it can be to have to eat with people who only gravitate to chains.