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Feb 9, 2014 02:26 PM

Dining Idas for Picky Tween and Foodie Parents in Paris?

Bonjour! I have scoured websites, blogs, books, etc. and am reaching information overload as I try to plan our upcoming family trip to Paris. So, I thought I would simply ask the wonderful Chow people for tips. We would like to find places for lunch and dinner in Paris where we can count on delicious food for foodie parents but which will also be fine for the tween who thinks a totally plain hamburger and fries are the perfect food. Sigh. Merci!

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        1. I would agree with most of the above but not Parnassien's 60 year learning curve for Yankees - he is far too kind, I'd say 80.
          In my (too many) years of residence here, I've had kids and grandkids 3 months to 55 years old and nobody yet has left hungry. We eat where we want.
          Regarding hamburgers (hot dogs, fish n chips and cupcakes) - the problem is not their paucity but their overabundance. And Balsamic, and slate plates, and pumpkin soup, but don't get me started.

          1. The above are not a judgement on your children or your parenting. What they are trying to say (maybe not as diplomatically as you like) is that it is impossible to satisfy the "foodie" you/your husband and those of your children in the same restaurant. It is just that talented chefs do not put burgers on their menu, not even made with wagyu. Since your children are teenagers, for couple of meals, how about let them go on their own way for burgers and you and your husband can have a quiet dinner such as David Toutain, Septime, Spring (or any of the recommended restaurants on earlier threads). Hamburgers are a current fad in Paris and your children can have delicious burger at Blend or Coffee Parisien, both in very central Paris. If your children prefer Shake Shack or In-and-Out, there are plenty of similar places in Paris. Or put it in another way, either parents are going to eat burgers with their kids and skip all the great food in Paris or the kids will have to eat where their parents eat and find something on the menu .
            And I agree with the above posters in that your children are in Paris; use all your parental charm and bribery to entice them to experience eating something different.