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Feb 9, 2014 01:48 PM

What to do with boneless pork country style ribs - other than BBQ

Hi everyone! It's raining outside and I have some boneless pork ribs and I don't want to do the same old oven barbecued rib thing. Anyone have an innovative and different way to use them? I was thinking cube them and make a stew or soup of some kind? Or maybe shredded pork for tacos? Ideas needed!

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  1. Pulled pork, carnitas, tacos or burritos

    Pork & apple stew; braised with chicken or veggie stock, mirepoix and sweet potatoes...serve over a bed of grits or polenta, mashed potatoes or rice.

    I saw a Diner's Drive In and Dives show a couple of days ago where they cubed pork shoulder, marinated it then deep fried it with onions...made my mouth water. I think it was served with a drizzle of garlicky olive oil and rice on the side. You could do the same with the ribs.

      1. Carnitas! Or slice thin and stir-fry a lo-mein type thing. Those are the fates for mine when I get them.

        1. Are you sure it's ribs and not country style ribs, which are actually cut from the shoulder? If it's the latter, they need some time to tenderize, not as suitable for quick. Cooking like tacos or stir fry.

          I cube it up, rub it with spices and stew. You can use any profile of flavors you're craving. I just made pork adobo in the crockpot on Monday with those. Could not be easier, did not need to salt or spice rub. Just placed bay leaves in bottom of cooker, mixed equal parts soy sauce & apple cider vinegar, added four cloves minced garlic & small handful of black peppercorns and let it go for nine hours.

          I also just cubed up another pound or so and rubbed them with vindaloo spices and stuck in a freezer bag and froze for the next time I want to make pork vindaloo.

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            not true! pork shoulder, if sliced thinly enough, works great as a fast stir fry. it's only that in between cooking time that makes it tough. so, either slow and low, or sliced thin and cooked hot and fast - great for asian preps.

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              The Chinese first FREEZE and then slice their meats *thinly* on a deli slicer for just this reason.They achieve perfect slices this way, and they get EVEN cooking with every slice. It's reason enough for them to do so (especially if stir frying).

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                so i've used this recipe twice now on boneless pork country style ribs - the first time i did as i mentioned above, slicing the pork thin and marinading it, then quick cooking it, and this time i marinated chunks, then slow-cooked for about 6 hours, then made into tacos. wonderful both ways.


            2. Simply garlic, fresh rosemary and white wine. Maybe a bit of chicken stock.
              Many, many uses once it pulls apart.

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                I do the same thing, then when it is tender I put it back in the oven for 10 or 15 min with a mixture of red wine vinegar,honey,and crushed red pepper. From one of Lidia's recipes.