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Feb 9, 2014 01:28 PM

Atera and/or EMP ???

hi - was thinking of making reservations to both Atera and EMP on my upcoming trip.

1. are they too similar experiences?
2. is there enough of a difference between the two to warrant both ?
3. is there another place to suggest ( unfortunately have to stay in Manhattan )

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  1. I think they are very different experiences. My last visit to EMP was much more recent than my visit to Atera, and it appears Atera has improved since then, but I would imagine the style/structure of the meal hasn't changed much.

    EMP -
    Atera -

    tl;dr version:
    EMP is much more of a grand meal in a classic way, with a focus on NY driving the food ideas. Tastier.
    Atera is much more driven by modern techniques and visual deception to heighten the senses. More creative, but some items end up more interesting than delicious.

    As for suggestions, it'll help if you're more specific about what you're looking for.

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    1. re: fooder

      Thank You the thorough review of both, based on what you had I think EMP might be a better choice...I will inquire about seared foie since i'm coming from SF and want to make the most out of it

      On that note - any great Foie preparations you've encountered recently?

      As for suggestions - just looking for NY specific "foodie-centric" dining experiences, not necessarily tasting menus

      1. re: chefpt

        Best foie:

        Better to post your other question as a new topic I think, with a little more detail as to what you're looking for... Also when your trip is, budget, number of people traveling, etc.