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Feb 9, 2014 01:13 PM

Chowdown Report: Rodney Scott in Exile Tour @ 4505 Meats BBQ in SF

Rodney Scott himself flew out at the last minute to join his tribute tour and fundraiser in San Francisco. Also his Fatback Collective brother, Nick, of Jim n Nick's, to assist locals, Ryan Farr and Caleb Zigas of La Cocina with the pits.

Chowhounds are here in force for whole hog, beef brisket, cheesey grits, deep fried Mac n cheese, slaw, soft roll and sweet tea. It's raining but there's a tent and tables to stay dry.

Serving till 2pm.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      And they're done. Went through TWO hogs, here's the sample of the second one dressed with Scott's spicy vinegar seasoning.

      ETA: Rodney Scott said that a return to San Francisco in August for La Cocina is in the works.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        I wish I'd tried the hog with Scott's spicy vinegar seasoning. The pork I had was rather sweet. The brisket was quite good and didn't require any of the three sauces that were on the table.

        The weather sure didn't put anyone off. Lines got pretty long it seemed. Great to see other hounds enjoying the BBQ for a good cause.

        Btw, there were also pickles on the plate. Here's a picture of mine. (I got there early, so initially they were only handing out plates with brisket and fixins on them.)

        1. re: Peter Yee

          is that piccalilli? it was on the sweet side.

          1. re: Cynsa

            Seemed to be cucumbers, onions, and vinegar. I'm not sure what was giving it the yellow color, but I don't recall thinking "mustard".

              1. re: Peter Yee

                The pickles seemed to be pretty straight up sweet pickles, stained yellow with turmeric. Maybe not as candy sweet and crisped with alum as some recipes can be.

            1. re: Peter Yee

              I left the grounds after finishing my plate to take a look at Bi-Rite and then was hanging out at Cafe Abrir with a hot beverage. I returned after 1pm to meet up with a late-arriving chowhound and to have a chance to chat a little more with Scott. I told him that the pig I'd had was a bit sweet. He nodded and said that Ryan Farr used some jerk seasoning on it. Then he offered me some of the second pig that was dressed with his own spicy seasoning and accompanied by fried pork skins.

              I checked with Caleb Zigas of La Cocina to see if the San Francisco branch of the Fatback Collective had met its fundraising goal. Yes, and exceeded it by more than 50%. San Francisco barbecue lovers contributed more than $11K to Scott's rebuilding campaign, more than any of the other cities on the #RodneyInExile tour!!!

              Since San Francisco was the seventh and final leg of the tour, I guess that means that less than $77K has flowed in of the $100K overall goal. Donations can still be made via paypal to Caleb, email him at for more info.