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Feb 9, 2014 12:30 PM

The old "J&D" location in North Providence?

Last night I had dinner with some friends of mine, and we were talking about restaurants (as always). Two people in the group mentioned that an Italian Pizza/Restaurant had bought the building where J&D's vacated - on the Johnston/North Pvd line on Rte 44., and it is one which was in the area before and had closed...and now returning. Neither could remember the name of the place, but they both heard the same story. Does anyone know what is going in there ? It is a perfect place for a pizza /Ital restaurant (IMO).

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  1. MYSTERY SOLVED! I was in a near by business this morning, and the employee said Uncle Tony's Pizza & Family restaurant has bought the building and moving into the space this Spring/Summer. I do remember when UT's was in Centerdale - next door to DeBellis Pharmacy in the shopping center, going back to the mid-late 70s. I was a little kid back then and we used to order our pizzas from them every Saturday night. They moved out in the early/mid 1980s - I think there was a fire in the location...and they never returned. Glad to see them back in the neighborhood! I believe North Providence was their first location - before Warwick and East Providence.