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Where to buy food for home cooking

Hello fellow Hounds,

Please tell me where you get good food (or even kitchen supplies ) for cooking at home. I moved here from Atlanta, and if you have ever watched Good Eats you have seen the massive farmers market style grocers in that area that always have tons of fresh produce, and particularly good butchers. So far in Vegas I have found nothing even close :(.

Any recommendations for Butchers or Grocers would be greatly appreciated to break me out of the "smiths or albertsons" Sophies choice I currently find myself in.


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  1. For a butcher try Larry's Great Western Meats. They are mainly a wholesaler with a retail store. The other is John Mull's Meats. Do a Google search using Las Vegas Farmers Markets for fresh produce.

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      I've been to western meats. Pretty meh, they would not grind meat on request which is a deal breaker.

    2. Having shopped at both Larry's and Mull's over the years and now living about four blocks from Mull's, I have to vote Mull's as the better of the two. However, going to Mull's you need a good idea of what cuts of meat you are looking for, but both Chuck, the current generation owner, and Nita at the front are both very helpful.

      Larry' has a meat counter where you can see the cut meat in front of you. At Mull's there is no counter, you give your order to the front counter folks and the write it up. Then the butchers, usually Chuck himself cuts it to your specifications and desires.

      A note of caution though: With the great success of Mull's Road Kill Grill out front, the butcher shop has become very busy. So get there before 10 AM for the shortest wait. Fortunately, I can drop off a request a day or two early and then pick it up.

      Mull's has large selection of meats, cold cuts, and cheese to choose and order.

      Mull's has been in the same rural neighborhood since 1958; Chuck is the grandson of John Mull. They have to be doing something right.

      1. For kitchen supplies outside of your usual Bed Bath & Beyond or Williams-Sonoma you should check out Standard Restaurant Supply near the intersection of Valley View and Russell. They carry supplies and equipment for commercial food service but you can find a few things there pretty cheap.

        1. Westside/ish suggestions:

          Farmer's Market schedule is attached. I've been pretty happy overall, for LV.


          There are not a lot of options as you stated. Whole Foods is where I buy most seafood and poultry.

          The Butcher Block for meats. Two locations. Personally, I don't think Mull or Larry's is comparable but they are mentioned often as evidenced here. TBB charges a premium but is worth it to me. Its selection of prime + above (including A5) is great and singular in town.

          Italian: Siena Trattoria and Market. I really hate the prepared food here, but the market is good.

          Asian: there are plenty of good options. Ranch 99, Nakata, etc.

          Bon breads is excellent and sold in several stores. Whole foods and Roccos come to mind. Worth searching for, damn good bread. They had a small storefront on Hualapai/DI but closed for some reason.

          1. Artisinal Foods is a fun shop with unique and obscure foods. Trader Joe's has great quality products overall (try the frozen mac and cheese). Glaziers and Whole Foods are best for produce.

            1. Cardena"s Market for Mexican. Great selection of specialty meats, etc.

              1. Thanks for all the replies - I will be trying out several of these places ASAP

                1. Hi.....Come over to the "other side"...Henderson. Take the 215 and get off at Stephanie....within a minute or two is Branded Meats on Horizon Ridge...the owner/butcher was the executive director for meat products for Steve Wynn for 20 years. The product that he gets is the same that you would eat at Prime, SW, etc on the Strip. Then, after Gary has taken care of you, drive 10 seconds up Horizon Ridge to the next stripmall to Valley Wine and Cheese.....the couple that run this amazing store have created a niche in the marketplace that no one has matched...You will not leave this store without buying (and tasting) some amazing products from around the world. Finally, I am a big fan of the Whole Foods in our area...on Green Valley Pkwy (just minutes from Valley Wine and Cheese)...just think that it's the best one in Clark County for quality.

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                    Thanks VegasGourmet- I will be making a trip there this weekend!

                  2. We went to the LV Trader Joe's to get food for one dinner that we cooked in the condo. It was just as well-stocked as the ones here on the East Coast but waaaaaaaaaaaay less crowded!